An allocation of assets as related to superannuation, product, or client portfolio.

Field Label API Name Type Notes
Allocation Number Name Text (80) Required
Allocation Type cloupra__Allocation_Type__c Lookup (Cloupra__Category__C) The type of this allocation.
Asset/Liability cloupra__Asset_Liability__c Lookup (Cloupra__Portfolio_Holding__C)  
Benchmark cloupra__Benchmark__c Textarea (255)  
Client cloupra__Client__c Lookup (Account)  
Created By ID CreatedById Lookup (User) Required
Created Date CreatedDate Datetime Required
Current Allocation % cloupra__Current_Allocation_Percent__c Formula (Percent) Help text: The current value of this allocation as a percentage of the total balance.
Formula: if(and(not(isblank(cloupra__Service__c)), cloupra__Service__r.cloupra__Balance__c != 0), cloupra__Current_Value_Dollars__c / cloupra__Service__r.cloupra__Balance__c, null)
Current Value $ cloupra__Current_Value_Dollars__c Currency (12, 6) The current value of the allocation in dollars.
Deleted IsDeleted Checkbox Required
Future Allocation % cloupra__Future_Allocation_Percent__c Percent (18, 0) The future value of the allocation, in percent.
Last Modified By ID LastModifiedById Lookup (User) Required
Last Modified Date LastModifiedDate Datetime Required
Lower Percentage cloupra__Lower_Percentage__c Percent (3, 2)  
Owner ID OwnerId Lookup (Group, User) Required
Primary Division cloupra__Primary_Division__c Lookup (Account)  
Record ID Id Id (18) Required
Service cloupra__Service__c Lookup (Cloupra__Service__C) The service related to this allocation.
System Modstamp SystemModstamp Datetime Required
Upper Percentage cloupra__Upper_Percentage__c Percent (3, 2)  


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