Entity (Account)


The standard Salesforce Account object is relabelled as Entity and represents an organisation.

An entity may be one of the following types of organisation, depending on the value in the Orgn Type field:

  • Client
  • Provider
  • Prospect
  • Practice (or business division)
  • Fund
  • Client Entity (such as a trust, SMSF, family business, etc.)
  • Employer (used in superannuation)
Field Label API Name Type Notes
ABN cloupra__Entity_Number_2__c Text (20)  
Account Description Description Textarea (32000)  
Account Fax Fax Phone (40)  
Account ID Id Id (18) Required
Account Phone Phone Phone (40)  
Account Rating Rating Picklist (Hot; Warm; Cold)  
Account Type Type Picklist (Analyst; Competitor; Customer; Integrator; Investor; Partner; Press; Prospect; Reseller; Other)  
Active Members cloupra__Active_Members__c Number (18, 0)  
Active Service Package cloupra__Active_Service_Package__c Lookup (Cloupra__Service__C) A reference to the active service package for this client.
Annual Revenue AnnualRevenue Currency (18, 0)  
Assets Current Value Managed cloupra__Assets_Current_Value_Managed__c Currency (16, 2) The total current value of assets under advice or management for this client.
Average Age cloupra__Average_Age__c Number (3, 2)  
Average Balance cloupra__Average_Balance__c Currency (16, 2)  
Balance cloupra__Balance__c Currency (16, 2)  
Batch cloupra__Batch__c Lookup (Cloupra__Batch__C)  
Billing Geocode Accuracy BillingGeocodeAccuracy Picklist (Address; NearAddress; Block; Street; ExtendedZip; Zip; Neighborhood; City; County; State; Unknown)  
Client Revenue cloupra__Client_Revenue__c Formula (Currency) IF($Setup.cloupra__PractiFI_Setting__c.cloupra__Revenue_Roll_Up_To_Client__c = 'Last 12 Months', cloupra__Instalments_Value_Last_12_Months__c , IF($Setup.cloupra__PractiFI_Setting__c.cloupra__Revenue_Roll_Up_To_Client__c = 'Financial Year To Date', cloupra__Instalments_Value_FYTD__c , null) )
Client Stage cloupra__Client_Stage_Picklist__c Picklist (Lead; Prospect; Client; Qualified Out; Cancelled)  
Company Liability cloupra__Company_Liability__c Picklist (Proprietary limited by shares; Proprietary unlimited with share capital; Public limited by shares; Public limited by guarantee; Public unlimited with share capital; No liability company)  
Company Type cloupra__Company_Type__c Picklist (Private; Public)  
Complying Fund cloupra__Complying_Fund__c Checkbox Required
Contact (Primary) cloupra__Primary_Contact__c Lookup (Contact)  
Contact (Spouse) cloupra__Partner_Contact__c Lookup (Contact)  
Created By ID CreatedById Lookup (User) Required
Created Date CreatedDate Datetime Required
Data.com Key Jigsaw Text (20)  
Date Moved To Current Address cloupra__Date_Moved_To_Current_Address__c Date  
Days Since Last Interaction cloupra__Days_Since_Last_Interaction__c Formula (Double) CASE(DATEVALUE(cloupra__Last_Interaction_Date__c),
TODAY(), 0.11 ,
TODAY()- DATEVALUE( cloupra__Last_Interaction_Date__c ))
Deed of Variation cloupra__Deed_of_Variation__c Date Date trust deed was last varied.
Default Fund cloupra__Default_Fund__c Lookup (Account)  
Deleted IsDeleted Checkbox Required
EBA Date cloupra__EBA_Date__c Date Enterprise Bargaining Agreement date.
Email cloupra__Email__c Email (80)  
Email (Primary Contact Preferred) cloupra__Primary_Contact_Preferred_Email__c Email (80)  
Employees NumberOfEmployees Number (8, 0)  
Employer Stage cloupra__Employer_Stage__c Lookup (Cloupra__Category__C) What stage is this employer?
Employer Type cloupra__Employer_Type__c Lookup (Cloupra__Category__C)  
Entity Name Name Text (255) Required
Entity Number AccountNumber Text (40)  
Entity Number 1 cloupra__Entity_Number_1__c Text (20)  
Entity Owner OwnerId Lookup (User) Required
Entity Site Site Text (80)  
Entity Source AccountSource Picklist (Advertisement; Employee Referral; External Referral; Partner; Public Relations; Seminar - Internal; Seminar - Partner; Trade Show; Web; Word of mouth; Other)  
Entity Statutory Date cloupra__Entity_Statutory_Date__c Date  
Entity Trading Name cloupra__Entity_Trading_Name__c Text (100)  
Entity Type cloupra__Client_Entity_Type_Picklist__c Picklist (Household; Company; Sole Trader; Partnership; Superannuation Fund; Trust; Other; Orion Account)  
Entity Type cloupra__Client_Entity_Type__c Lookup (Cloupra__Category__C)  
External Id cloupra__External_Id__c Text (100) Unique, External ID
Extra Address cloupra__Extra_Address__c Textarea (255)  
Extra Address Description cloupra__Extra_Address_Description__c Text (255)  
Extra Email cloupra__Extra_Email__c Email (80)  
Extra Phone cloupra__Extra_Phone__c Text (255)  
Flag 1 cloupra__Flag_1__c Checkbox Required
Flag 2 cloupra__Flag_2__c Checkbox Required
Flag 3 cloupra__Flag_3__c Checkbox Required
Flag 4 cloupra__Flag_4__c Checkbox Required
Flag 5 cloupra__Flag_5__c Checkbox Required
Formal Name cloupra__Formal_Name__c Text (80)  
From Web cloupra__From_Web__c Text (30)  
FSG Date cloupra__FSG_Date__c Date The date that the FSG was most recently provided to the client.
FSG Version cloupra__FSG_Version__c Text (50) The version of the FSG that has been most recently provided to the client.
Fund Type cloupra__Fund_Type__c Picklist (Corporate; Self Managed)  
Google Drive Folder ID cloupra__Google_Drive_Folder_ID__c Text (255)  
Housing Status cloupra__Housing_Status__c Picklist (Own Home; Own Home (Mortgage); Renting; Living With Family; Other)  
Icon Name cloupra__Icon_Name__c Formula (Text) CASE( cloupra__Orgn_Type__c , 'Provider','briefcase', 'Client','heart', 'Practice','building', 'Client Entity','gem', 'Employer','suitcase', 'Prospect', 'road', '')
Include In Search? cloupra__Include_In_Search__c Formula (Checkbox) Formula: IF(Text(cloupra__Orgn_Type__c) == 'Void' || (Text(cloupra__Orgn_Type__c) == 'Employer' && cloupra__Employer_Type__r.cloupra__Group_Code__c == 'ETCNTRBTNG'), false, true)
Attribute: Required
Industry Industry Picklist (Agriculture; Apparel; Banking; Biotechnology; Chemicals; Communications; Construction; Consulting; Education; Electronics; Energy; Engineering; Entertainment; Environmental; Finance; Food & Beverage; Government; Healthcare; Hospitality; Insurance; Machinery; Manufacturing; Media; Not For Profit; Other; Recreation; Retail; Shipping; Technology; Telecommunications; Transportation; Utilities)  
Industry cloupra__Industry__c Lookup (Cloupra__Category__C)  
Influencer cloupra__Influencer__c Lookup (Contact)  
Instalments Value FYTD cloupra__Instalments_Value_FYTD__c Currency (12, 2)  
Instalments Value Last 12 Months cloupra__Instalments_Value_Last_12_Months__c Currency (12, 2)  
Investment Objective cloupra__Investment_Objective__c Text (255)  
Issued Shares cloupra__Company_Issued_Shares__c Number (10, 0)  
Jigsaw Company ID JigsawCompanyId Text (20)  
Last Activity LastActivityDate Date  
Last Interaction By cloupra__Last_Interaction_By__c Text (255)  
Last Interaction Date cloupra__Last_Interaction_Date__c Datetime  
Last Modified By ID LastModifiedById Lookup (User) Required
Last Modified Date LastModifiedDate Datetime Required
Last Referenced Date LastReferencedDate Datetime  
Last Synced to Midwinter cloupra__Last_Synced_to_Midwinter__c Datetime The datetime stamp of the last time this record was synced with Midwinter.
Last Viewed Date LastViewedDate Datetime  
Likelihood cloupra__Likelihood__c Picklist (Hot; Warm; Cold) The likelihood of a prospect becoming a client.
Location Address ShippingAddress Address  
Location City ShippingCity Text (40)  
Location Country ShippingCountry Text (80)  
Location Latitude ShippingLatitude Number (3, 15)  
Location Longitude ShippingLongitude Number (3, 15)  
Location State/Province ShippingState Text (80)  
Location Street ShippingStreet Textarea (255)  
Location Zip/Postal Code ShippingPostalCode Text (20)  
Mailing Address cloupra__Mailing_Address__c Formula (Text) Help text: The address for postage, which is the postal address if one exists, otherwise the location address. Typically used for physical mailouts.
Formula: IF(NOT(ISBLANK(BillingAddress)),
   IF(NOT(ISBLANK(BillingStreet)), BillingStreet & BR(), "") &
   IF(NOT(ISBLANK(BillingCity)), BillingCity & ", ", "") &
   IF(NOT(ISBLANK(BillingState)), BillingState & " ", "") &
   IF(NOT(ISBLANK(BillingPostalCode)), BillingPostalCode, "")
      IF(NOT(ISBLANK(ShippingStreet)), ShippingStreet & BR(), "") &
      IF(NOT(ISBLANK(ShippingCity)), ShippingCity & ", ", "") &
      IF(NOT(ISBLANK(ShippingState)), ShippingState & " ", "") &
      IF(NOT(ISBLANK(ShippingPostalCode)), ShippingPostalCode, ""),
Marital Status cloupra__Marital_Status__c Picklist (Single; Married; De Facto; Separated; Divorced)  
Master Record ID MasterRecordId Lookup (Account)  
Midwinter Resource cloupra__Midwinter_Resource__c Text (255) The HREF for the resource in the Midwinter API.
Orgn Ref cloupra__Orgn_Ref__c Text (7) External ID
Orgn Type cloupra__Orgn_Type__c Picklist (Client; Provider; Practice; Partner; Fund; Client Entity; Other; Employer)  
Overall Goals cloupra__Overall_Goals__c Textarea (2000) The overall financial goals articulated by the client.
Overall Strategy cloupra__Overall_Strategy__c Textarea (2000) The overall financial strategy we recommend for this client.
Ownership Ownership Picklist (Public; Private; Subsidiary; Other)  
Parent Account ID ParentId Lookup (Account)  
Phone (Primary Contact Preferred) cloupra__Primary_Contact_Preferred_Phone__c Phone (40)  
Photo URL PhotoUrl Url (255)  
Postal Address BillingAddress Address  
Postal City BillingCity Text (40)  
Postal Country BillingCountry Text (80)  
Postal Latitude BillingLatitude Number (3, 15)  
Postal Longitude BillingLongitude Number (3, 15)  
Postal State/Province BillingState Text (80)  
Postal Street BillingStreet Textarea (255)  
Postal Zip/Postal Code BillingPostalCode Text (20)  
Potential AUM cloupra__Potential_AUM__c Currency (16, 2)  
Potential Fee Rate cloupra__Potential_Fee_Rate__c Percent (3, 3)  
Potential Revenue cloupra__Potential_Revenue__c Formula (Currency) cloupra__Potential_AUM__c * cloupra__Potential_Fee_Rate__c
Preferred Address Type cloupra__Preferred_Address_Type__c Picklist (Location; Postal; Extra)  
Primary Division cloupra__Primary_Division__c Lookup (Account) Record Owner's Primary Division
Prospect Stage cloupra__Prospect_Stage_Picklist__c Picklist (Unqualified; Qualified; Needs Analysis; Presentation; Qualified Out)  
Prospect Start Date cloupra__Prospect_Start_Date__c Date  
Provider Type cloupra__Provider_Type__c Lookup (Cloupra__Category__C)  
Provider Type cloupra__Provider_Type_Picklist__c Picklist (Accountant; Lending Institution; Wealth & Asset Institution; Doctor; Fire and General Broker; Insurance Agent; Insurance Company; Personal Banker; Lawyer; Solicitor; Broker Adviser; Other; Broker; Superannuation Fund)  
Record Type ID RecordTypeId Lookup (Recordtype)  
Relationship Health cloupra__Relationship_Health__c Lookup (Cloupra__Category__C)  
Review Date cloupra__Review_Date__c Date  
Segment cloupra__Orgn_Segment__c Lookup (Cloupra__Category__C)  
Segment cloupra__Client_Segment_Picklist__c Picklist (Platinum; Gold; Silver; Bronze)  
Shipping Geocode Accuracy ShippingGeocodeAccuracy Picklist (Address; NearAddress; Block; Street; ExtendedZip; Zip; Neighborhood; City; County; State; Unknown)  
Short Name cloupra__Short_Name__c Formula (Text) IF(LEN(Name)>30,
   LEFT(Name,27) & "...",
SIC Code Sic Text (20)  
SIC Description SicDesc Text (80)  
Source cloupra__Client_Source_Picklist__c Picklist (Referral; Website Enquiry; Email Campaign; Telephone Enquiry; Purchased Book)  
Source cloupra__Client_Source__c Lookup (Cloupra__Category__C)  
Source Identification cloupra__Source_Identification__c Textarea (255)  
Stage cloupra__Client_Stage__c Lookup (Cloupra__Category__C)  
Stage Entry Date cloupra__Stage_Entry_Date__c Date The date on which the account entered its current stage.
Start Date cloupra__Client_Start_Date__c Date The date that the client stage changed to client.
Summary Note cloupra__Summary_Note__c Textarea (2000)  
Sync to Midwinter cloupra__Sync_to_Midwinter__c Checkbox Help text: Indicates that this client should be synced with Midwinter.
Attribute: Required
System Modstamp SystemModstamp Datetime Required
Tax Number cloupra__Tax_Number__c Text (20) Help text: The social security/government/tax identifier for this person as issued by the relevant government authority, i.e. social security number (US), National Insurance number (UK), tax file number (Australia), etc.
Attribute: Unique
Tax Number Recorded cloupra__Tax_Number_Recorded__c Checkbox Required
Ticker Symbol TickerSymbol Text (20)  
Trustee Type cloupra__Trustee_Type__c Picklist (Corporate; Individual)  
Trust Type cloupra__Trust_Type__c Picklist (Discretionary; Unit; Hybrid)  
View URL cloupra__View_URL__c Formula (Text) CASE(
      TEXT( cloupra__Orgn_Type__c),
      "Client", "/apex/practifi?context=client&tab=&action=view&id1=" & Id ,
      "Client Entity", "/apex/practifi?context=cliententity&tab=&action=view&id1=" & Id ,
      "Employer", "/apex/practifi?context=employer&tab=&action=view&id1=" & Id ,
      "Provider", "/apex/practifi?context=provider&tab=&action=view&id1=" & Id ,
      "Prospect", "/apex/practifi?context=prospect&tab=&action=view&id1=" & Id ,
      "Practice", "/apex/practifi?context=division&tab=&action=view&id1=" & Id ,
Website Website Url (255)  
Xero Contact Id cloupra__Xero_Contact_Id__c Text (255) Help text: Xero Contact Id
Attribute: Unique, External ID, Case Sensitive


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