Person (Contact)


The standard Salesforce Contact object is relabelled as Person and represents an individual, such as:

  • a contact, partner or child in an advice client household;
  • a key employee contact at a business client;
  • a fund member; or
  • a key staff member at a provider company. 
Field Label API Name Type Notes
Account Orgn Type cloupra__Account_Orgn_Type__c Formula (Text) TEXT(Account.cloupra__Orgn_Type__c)
Accumulation Balance cloupra__Accumulation_Balance__c Currency (10, 2)  
Address MailingAddress Address  
Address Different To Client? cloupra__Address_Different_To_Client__c Checkbox Required
Age cloupra__Age__c Formula (Double)



Assistant Email cloupra__Assistant_Email__c Email (80)  
Assistant's Name AssistantName Text (40)  
Asst. Phone AssistantPhone Phone (40)  
Batch cloupra__Batch__c Lookup (Cloupra__Batch__C)  
Birthday MMDD cloupra__Birthday_MMDD__c Formula (Text)

IF(NOT(ISBLANK(Birthdate)), RIGHT('0' & TEXT(MONTH(Birthdate)) ,2)

& '-' & RIGHT('0' & TEXT(DAY(Birthdate)), 2), null)

Birth Month cloupra__Birth_Month__c Formula (Text)

Help text: The month of the person's birthday abbreviated to three letters,

e.g. Jan, Feb, etc.
Formula: CASE(MONTH(Birthdate),
1, "Jan",
2, "Feb",
3, "Mar",
4, "Apr",
5, "May",
6, "Jun",
7, "Jul",
8, "Aug",
9, "Sep",
10, "Oct",
11, "Nov",
12, "Dec",

Birth Name cloupra__Birth_Name__c Text (255)

The family name someone has when he or she is born. 

Maiden name for women who have taken their husband's name.

Business Fax Fax Phone (40)  
Business Number cloupra__Business_Number__c Text (50)  
Business Phone Phone Phone (40)  
City MailingCity Text (40)  
Communication Preferences cloupra__Communication_Preferences__c Textarea (255) The person's preferences for verbal and/or written communication. E.g. "Work phone for calls during business hours, mobile after hours (but not after 8pm), email for anything in writing."
Communications cloupra__Communications__c Multipicklist (Birthday Card; Christmas Card; Newsletter; Marketing; Thanksgiving Card)  
Contact Preference cloupra__Contact_Preference__c Lookup (Cloupra__Category__C)  
Country MailingCountry Text (80)  
Country Of Citizenship cloupra__Country_Of_Citizenship__c Text (100)  
Country Of Residence cloupra__Country_Of_Residence__c Text (100)  
Created By ID CreatedById Lookup (User) Required
Created Date CreatedDate Datetime Required Key Jigsaw Text (20)  
Date Moved To Current Address cloupra__Date_Moved_To_Current_Address__c Date  
Date of Death cloupra__Death_Date__c Date  
Date of Marriage cloupra__Date_Of_Marriage__c Date  
Deleted IsDeleted Checkbox Required
Department Department Text (80)  
Device cloupra__Device__c Picklist (Desktop; Mobile; API)  
Display Name cloupra__Display_Name__c Formula (Text) /*IF(NOT(ISBLANK(pfdev1__Preferred_Name__c)) ,
     IF(NOT(ISBLANK(FirstName)), pfdev1__Preferred_Name__c & ' (' & FirstName & ') ' & LastName, pfdev1__Preferred_Name__c &' ' &  LastName),
     IF(NOT(ISBLANK(FirstName)), FirstName & ' ' & LastName, LastName)
IF(NOT(ISBLANK(cloupra__Preferred_Name__c)) ,
          IF((FirstName <> cloupra__Preferred_Name__c),
                cloupra__Preferred_Name__c & ' (' & FirstName & ') ' & LastName,
                FirstName & ' ' & LastName),
          cloupra__Preferred_Name__c &' ' &  LastName),
     IF(NOT(ISBLANK(FirstName)), FirstName & ' ' & LastName, LastName)

IF(ISBLANK(Preferred_Name__c), IF(ISBLANK(FirstName), LastName, FirstName & ' ' & LastName ), IF(FirstName = Preferred_Name__c, FirstName & ' ' & LastName, Preferred_Name__c & ' (' & FirstName & ') ' & LastName))

IF(ISBLANK(cloupra__Preferred_Name__c), IF(ISBLANK(FirstName), LastName, FirstName & ' ' & LastName ), IF(ISBLANK(FirstName), cloupra__Preferred_Name__c & ' ' & LastName, cloupra__Preferred_Name__c & ' (' & FirstName & ') ' & LastName)) & IF(ISBLANK(cloupra__Suffix__c), '', ' ' & cloupra__Suffix__c)
DOB Birthdate Date  
Do Not Call DoNotCall Checkbox Required
Email Email Email (80)  
Email Addresses cloupra__Email_Addresses__c Formula (Double) Help text: The number of email addresses held for this person.
Formula: IF(NOT(ISBLANK(Email)),1,0) + IF(NOT(ISBLANK(cloupra__Work_Email__c)),1,0) + IF(NOT(ISBLANK(cloupra__Personal_Email__c)),1,0) + IF(NOT(ISBLANK(cloupra__Other_Email__c)),1,0)
Email Bounced Date EmailBouncedDate Datetime  
Email Bounced Reason EmailBouncedReason Text (255)  
Email Opt Out HasOptedOutOfEmail Checkbox Required
Email (Preferred) cloupra__Preferred_Email__c Email (80)  
Employer cloupra__Employer__c Text (80)  
Employment Notes cloupra__Employment_Notes__c Textarea (32768)  
Employment Status cloupra__Employment_Status__c Picklist (Permanent Employee; Contractor; Casual; Director; Partner; Sole Trader; Homemaker; Retired; Unemployed; Other)  
Entity Name AccountId Lookup (Account)  
External Id cloupra__External_Id__c Text (100) Unique, External ID
External Number 1 cloupra__External_Number_1__c Text (100) An identifying number issued by an external entity or agency, for example a HIN issued by a broker.
External Number 2 cloupra__External_Number_2__c Text (100)  
External Number 3 cloupra__External_Number_3__c Text (100)  
Facebook cloupra__Facebook__c Formula (Text) IF(ISBLANK(cloupra__Facebook_Username__c),
   "" &  cloupra__Facebook_Username__c
Facebook Username cloupra__Facebook_Username__c Url (255)  
Fax Opt Out HasOptedOutOfFax Checkbox Required
First Name FirstName Text (40)  
Flag 1 cloupra__Flag_1__c Checkbox Required
Flag 2 cloupra__Flag_2__c Checkbox Required
Flag 3 cloupra__Flag_3__c Checkbox Required
Flag 4 cloupra__Flag_4__c Checkbox Required
Flag 5 cloupra__Flag_5__c Checkbox Required
Full Name Name Text (121) Required
General Health cloupra__General_Heatlh__c Picklist (Excellent; Good; Average; Poor; Deceased)  
Health Concerns cloupra__Health_Concerns__c Textarea (255)  
Health Cover Provider cloupra__Health_Cover_Provider__c Text (100)  
Health Cover Type cloupra__Health_Cover_Type__c Text (100)  
Home Phone HomePhone Phone (40)  
ID Verified? cloupra__ID_Verified__c Checkbox Help text: Indicates the person's identification has been verified.
Attribute: Required
Include In Main Search? cloupra__Include_In_Main_Search__c Formula (Checkbox) Formula: TEXT(Account.cloupra__Orgn_Type__c) != 'Prospect'
Attribute: Required
Industry cloupra__Industry__c Picklist (Administrative and Support Services; Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing; Arts and Recreation; Construction; Education and Training; Financial and Insurance Services; Health Care and Social Assistance; Hospitality; Information Technology and Telecommunications; Law; Manufacturing; Media; Mining and Resources; Personal Services; Professional Services; Public Administration and Safety; Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services; Retail Trade; Science and Research; Transport, Postal and Warehousing; Utilities (Electricity, Water, Gas, Waste); Wholesale Trade)  
Influencer Segment cloupra__Influencer_Segment__c Lookup (Cloupra__Category__C)  
Interests cloupra__Interests__c Multipicklist (Art Exhibitions; Athletics; Australian Rules Football; Ballet; Baseball; Basketball; Cinema; Classical Music; Computers; Cricket; Cycling; Diving; Fashion; Fishing; Gardening; Golf; Handicrafts; Hiking; Hockey; Horse Racing; Horse Riding; Jazz Music; Motorsports; Netball; Opera; Popular Music; Rugby League; Rugby Union; Snow Skiing; Soccer; Squash; Surfing; Swimming; Tennis; Theatre; Travel; Triathlon; Volleyball; Water Sports; Wine and Food)  
Is Email Bounced IsEmailBounced Checkbox Required
Jigsaw Contact ID JigsawContactId Text (20)  
Languages cloupra__Languages__c Text (255)  
Last Activity LastActivityDate Date  
Last Modified By ID LastModifiedById Lookup (User) Required
Last Modified Date LastModifiedDate Datetime Required
Last Name LastName Text (80) Required
Last Referenced Date LastReferencedDate Datetime  
Last Stay-in-Touch Request Date LastCURequestDate Datetime  
Last Stay-in-Touch Save Date LastCUUpdateDate Datetime  
Last Synced to Midwinter cloupra__Last_Synced_to_Midwinter__c Datetime The datetime stamp of the last time this record was synced with Midwinter.
Last Viewed Date LastViewedDate Datetime  
Lead Source LeadSource Picklist (Advertisement; Employee Referral; External Referral; Partner; Public Relations; Seminar - Internal; Seminar - Partner; Trade Show; Web; Word of mouth; Other)  
LinkedIn cloupra__LinkedIn__c Formula (Text) IF(ISBLANK(cloupra__LinkedIn_URL__c),
   IF(LEFT(cloupra__LinkedIn_URL__c, 4) != "http",
      "https://" & cloupra__LinkedIn_URL__c,
LinkedIn Photo cloupra__LinkedIn_Photo__c Formula (Text) IF(ISBLANK(cloupra__LinkedIn_Photo_URL__c),
   IF(LEFT(cloupra__LinkedIn_Photo_URL__c, 4) != "http",
      "https://" & cloupra__LinkedIn_Photo_URL__c,
LinkedIn Photo URL cloupra__LinkedIn_Photo_URL__c Url (255) The URL for the person's photo on LinkedIn. Used to display their photo in PractiFI pages.
LinkedIn URL cloupra__LinkedIn_URL__c Url (255)  
Mailing Geocode Accuracy MailingGeocodeAccuracy Picklist (Address; NearAddress; Block; Street; ExtendedZip; Zip; Neighborhood; City; County; State; Unknown)  
Mailing Latitude MailingLatitude Number (3, 15)  
Mailing Longitude MailingLongitude Number (3, 15)  
Main Work Duties cloupra__Main_Work_Duties__c Textarea (32768)  
Marital Status cloupra__Marital_Status__c Picklist (Single; Married; De Facto; Separated; Divorced; Widowed)  
Master Record ID MasterRecordId Lookup (Contact)  
Medicare Variation cloupra__Medicare_Variation__c Lookup (Cloupra__Category__C)  
Member Balance cloupra__Member_Balance__c Currency (10, 2)  
Middle Names cloupra__Middle_Names__c Text (50)  
Midwinter Last Synced cloupra__Midwinter_Last_Synced__c Datetime The datetime stamp of the last time this record was synced with Midwinter.
Mobile Phone MobilePhone Phone (40)  
Mother's Maiden Name cloupra__Mothers_Maiden_Name__c Text (80)  
Nationality cloupra__Nationality__c Picklist (Australia; New Zealand; United Kingdom; United States)  
Occupation cloupra__Occupation__c Text (255)  
Occupation Class cloupra__Occupation_Class__c Lookup (Cloupra__Category__C) The person's occupation class, for life insurance purposes.
OmniLife URL cloupra__OmniLifeURL__c Formula (Text)

IF(NOT (ISNULL (FirstName) ), "&firstname="&FirstName, "")&
IF(NOT (ISNULL (LastName) ), "&lastname="&LastName, "")&
IF(NOT (ISNULL (Birthdate) ), "&dateofbirth="&TEXT(YEAR(Birthdate))&"-"&TEXT(MONTH(Birthdate))&"-"&TEXT(DAY(Birthdate)), "")&
IF(NOT (ISNULL ( TEXT(cloupra__Sex__c) ) ),

"&gender="&CASE( cloupra__Sex__c , "Female", "F", "M"), "")&
IF(NOT (ISNULL ( TEXT( cloupra__Smoker__c) ) ),

"&smoker="&CASE( cloupra__Smoker__c , "Yes", "true", "Occasional", "true", "false"), "")&
IF( MailingState <> "", "&state="&MailingState, "")&

IF(ISNULL (FirstName), "", "&firstname="&FirstName)&
IF(ISNULL (LastName), "", "&lastname="&LastName)&
IF(ISNULL (Birthdate), "", "&dateofbirth="&TEXT(YEAR(Birthdate))&"-"&TEXT(MONTH(Birthdate))&"-"&TEXT(DAY(Birthdate)))&
IF(ISNULL ( TEXT(cloupra__Sex__c)), "", "&gender="&CASE( cloupra__Sex__c , "Female", "F", "M"))&
IF(ISNULL ( TEXT( cloupra__Smoker__c) ), "", "&smoker="&CASE( cloupra__Smoker__c , "Yes", "true", "Occasional", "true", "false"))&
IF( MailingState <> "", "&state="&MailingState, "")&

Organisation Role cloupra__Organisation_Role__c Picklist (Primary Contact; Secondary Contact) Denotes whether the person is a primary or secondary contact at the related organisation.
Other Address OtherAddress Address  
Other City OtherCity Text (40)  
Other Country OtherCountry Text (80)  
Other Email cloupra__Other_Email__c Email (80)  
Other Geocode Accuracy OtherGeocodeAccuracy Picklist (Address; NearAddress; Block; Street; ExtendedZip; Zip; Neighborhood; City; County; State; Unknown)  
Other Latitude OtherLatitude Number (3, 15)  
Other Longitude OtherLongitude Number (3, 15)  
Other Phone OtherPhone Phone (40)  
Other State/Province OtherState Text (80)  
Other Street OtherStreet Textarea (255)  
Other Zip/Postal Code OtherPostalCode Text (20)  
Pension Balance cloupra__Pension_Balance__c Currency (10, 2)  
Pension Income pa cloupra__Pension_Income_PA__c Currency (10, 2)  
Personal Email cloupra__Personal_Email__c Email (80)  
Person Description Description Textarea (32000)  
Person ID Id Id (18) Required
Person Owner OwnerId Lookup (User) Required
Person Record Type RecordTypeId Lookup (Recordtype)  
Person Roles cloupra__Person_Roles__c Formula (Text) IF(ISBLANK(cloupra__Influencer_Segment__c), '', 'Influencer')
Person Segment cloupra__Person_Segment__c Lookup (Cloupra__Category__C)  
Phone (Preferred) cloupra__Preferred_Phone_Number__c Phone (40)  
Photo File cloupra__Photo_File__c Lookup (Skuid__Image__C)  
Photo URL PhotoUrl Url (255)  
Political Affiliations cloupra__Political_Affiliations__c Text (255)  
Postcode MailingPostalCode Text (20)  
Preferred Email Type cloupra__Preferred_Email_Type__c Picklist (Email; Personal; Work; Other)  
Preferred First Name cloupra__Preferred_First_Name__c Formula (Text) /*
IF(NOT(ISBLANK(cloupra__Preferred_Name__c)) , cloupra__Preferred_Name__c,
  IF(NOT(ISBLANK(FirstName)), FirstName, LastName)

blankvalue(cloupra__Preferred_Name__c, BLANKVALUE(FirstName,  LastName))
Preferred Full Name cloupra__Preferred_Full_Name__c Formula (Text) /*
IF(NOT(ISBLANK(cloupra__Preferred_Name__c)) , cloupra__Preferred_Name__c & ' ' & LastName ,
  IF(NOT(ISBLANK(FirstName)), FirstName & ' ' & LastName, LastName)

        FirstName & ' ' & LastName
    cloupra__Preferred_Name__c & ' ' & LastName
) & IF(ISBLANK(cloupra__Suffix__c), '', ' ' & cloupra__Suffix__c)
Preferred Name cloupra__Preferred_Name__c Text (40)  
Preferred Phone cloupra__Preferred_Phone__c Text (255)  
Preferred Phone Type cloupra__Preferred_Phone_Type__c Picklist (Mobile; Work; Home; Other)  
Previous Address Lived From cloupra__Previous_Address_Lived_From__c Date  
Previous Address Lived To cloupra__Previous_Address_Lived_To__c Date  
Previous Residential Address cloupra__Previous_Residential_Address__c Text (255)  
Previous Residential Status cloupra__Previous_Residential_Status__c Picklist (Citizen; Permanent Resident; Non-Permanent)  
Primary Division cloupra__Primary_Division__c Lookup (Account)  
Primary Source Of Income cloupra__Primary_Source_Of_Income__c Text (255)  
Private  Health Cover? cloupra__Private_Health_Cover__c Checkbox Required
Qualifications cloupra__Qualifications__c Textarea (1500)  
Regulatory Number 1 cloupra__Regulatory_Number_1__c Text (50) Identifier issued by an authority, examples include Centrelink CRN in Australia.
Reports To ID ReportsToId Lookup (Contact)  
Residency Status cloupra__Residency_Status__c Picklist (Citizen; Permanent Resident; Non-Permanent)  
Residential Status cloupra__Residential_Status__c Picklist (Home has mortgage; Rent/Board; Own home; Live with parents/relatives)  
Retirement Age cloupra__Retirement_Age__c Number (3, 0)  
Salutation Salutation Picklist (Mr; Ms; Mrs; Dr; Prof; Mstr; Miss)  
Sex cloupra__Sex__c Picklist (Male; Female)  
Smoker cloupra__Smoker__c Picklist (Yes; Occasional; Quit Recently; Quit; Never)  
Stage cloupra__Stage__c Lookup (Cloupra__Category__C)  
State MailingState Text (80)  
Street MailingStreet Textarea (255)  
Subscribers List cloupra__Subscribers_List__c Multipicklist (All Client Email List; Current Client Email List; VIP Contact; Others)  
Suffix cloupra__Suffix__c Text (255)  
System Modstamp SystemModstamp Datetime Required
Tax File Number cloupra__Tax_Number__c Text (20) Help text: The social security/government/tax identifier for this person as issued by the relevant government authority, i.e. social security number (US), National Insurance number (UK), tax file number (Australia), etc.
Attribute: Unique
Tax Residency Status cloupra__Tax_Residency_Status__c Picklist (Resident for Tax Purposes; Not Resident for Tax Purposes)  
TFN Recorded cloupra__Tax_Number_Recorded__c Checkbox Required
Title Title Text (128)  
Twitter cloupra__Twitter__c Formula (Text) IF(ISBLANK(cloupra__Twitter_Username__c),
   "" &  cloupra__Twitter_Username__c
Twitter Username cloupra__Twitter_Username__c Url (255)  
View URL cloupra__View_URL__c Formula (Text) "/apex/PersonView?id=" & Id
Will Date cloupra__Will_Date__c Date  
Will Description cloupra__Will_Description__c Textarea (2000)  
Will Location cloupra__Will_Location__c Text (100)  
Work Email cloupra__Work_Email__c Email (80)  
Work Hours cloupra__Work_Hours__c Picklist (Full-Time; Part Time: 21-30 hrs/wk; Part Time: 11-20 hrs/wk; Part Time: <10 hrs/wk)  
Work Phone Extension cloupra__Work_Phone_Extension__c Text (255)  



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