Team Member (User)


The standard Salesforce User object is relabelled as Team Member and represents an internal team member who is a user of Practifi.


Field Label API Name Type Notes
About Me AboutMe Textarea (1000)  
Account ID AccountId Lookup (Account)  
Active IsActive Checkbox Required
ActivityRemindersPopup UserPreferencesActivityRemindersPopup Checkbox Required
Address Address Address  
Admin Info Emails ReceivesAdminInfoEmails Checkbox Required
Alias Alias Text (8) Required
Allow Forecasting ForecastEnabled Checkbox Required
Apex Mobile User UserPermissionsMobileUser Checkbox Required
ApexPagesDeveloperMode UserPreferencesApexPagesDeveloperMode Checkbox Required
AutoBcc EmailPreferencesAutoBcc Checkbox Required
AutoBccStayInTouch EmailPreferencesAutoBccStayInTouch Checkbox Required
Auto-login To Call Center UserPermissionsCallCenterAutoLogin Checkbox Required
AvantGo User UserPermissionsAvantgoUser Checkbox Required
Billing Increment cloupra__Billing_Increment__c Number (10, 0) The billing increment for this team member, in minutes.
Billing Rate cloupra__Billing_Rate__c Currency (4, 2)  
Billing Rate Basis cloupra__Billing_Rate_Type__c Picklist (Hourly; Per Increment) Defines how billing rate is calculated. When hourly is selected the billing increments will be scaled to an hourly rate. When per increment is selected, the billing amount will be calculated by multiplying increments by the rate.
CacheDiagnostics UserPreferencesCacheDiagnostics Checkbox Required
Call Center ID CallCenterId Lookup (Callcenter)  
Chatter Email Highlights Frequency DigestFrequency Picklist (Daily; Weekly; Never) Required
City City Text (40)  
Colour cloupra__Colour__c Picklist (Gold; MediumTurqoise; Fuschia; LawnGreen)  
Company Name CompanyName Text (80)  
Cost Rate cloupra__Cost_Rate__c Currency (4, 2) The hourly cost rate for work performed by this team member.
Country Country Text (80)  
Created By ID CreatedById Lookup (User) Required
Created Date CreatedDate Datetime Required
CreateLEXAppsWTShown UserPreferencesCreateLEXAppsWTShown Checkbox Required
Current Month Year cloupra__Current_Month_Year__c Formula (Text) Help text: The current month and year for display in the tiled statistics.
1, "Jan",
2, "Feb",
3, "Mar",
4, "Apr",
5, "May",
6, "Jun",
7, "Jul",
8, "Aug",
9, "Sep",
10, "Oct",
11, "Nov",
12, "Dec",

 & " " & TEXT(YEAR(TODAY()))
Default Notification Frequency when Joining Groups DefaultGroupNotificationFrequency Picklist (Email on Each Post; Daily Digests; Weekly Digests; Never) Required
Delegated Approver ID DelegatedApproverId Lookup (Group, User)  
Department Department Text (80)  
DisableAllFeedsEmail UserPreferencesDisableAllFeedsEmail Checkbox Required
DisableBookmarkEmail UserPreferencesDisableBookmarkEmail Checkbox Required
DisableChangeCommentEmail UserPreferencesDisableChangeCommentEmail Checkbox Required
DisableEndorsementEmail UserPreferencesDisableEndorsementEmail Checkbox Required
DisableFileShareNotificationsForApi UserPreferencesDisableFileShareNotificationsForApi Checkbox Required
DisableFollowersEmail UserPreferencesDisableFollowersEmail Checkbox Required
DisableLaterCommentEmail UserPreferencesDisableLaterCommentEmail Checkbox Required
DisableLikeEmail UserPreferencesDisableLikeEmail Checkbox Required
DisableMentionsPostEmail UserPreferencesDisableMentionsPostEmail Checkbox Required
DisableMessageEmail UserPreferencesDisableMessageEmail Checkbox Required
DisableProfilePostEmail UserPreferencesDisableProfilePostEmail Checkbox Required
DisableSharePostEmail UserPreferencesDisableSharePostEmail Checkbox Required
DisCommentAfterLikeEmail UserPreferencesDisCommentAfterLikeEmail Checkbox Required
DisMentionsCommentEmail UserPreferencesDisMentionsCommentEmail Checkbox Required
Dismissed Notifications cloupra__Dismissed_Notifications__c Textarea (131000)  
DisProfPostCommentEmail UserPreferencesDisProfPostCommentEmail Checkbox Required
Division Division Text (80)  
Email Email Email (128) Required
Email Encoding EmailEncodingKey Picklist (Unicode (UTF-8); General US & Western Europe (ISO-8859-1, ISO-LATIN-1); Japanese (Shift-JIS); Japanese (JIS); Japanese (EUC); Korean (ks_c_5601-1987); Traditional Chinese (Big5); Simplified Chinese (GB2312); Traditional Chinese Hong Kong (Big5-HKSCS); Japanese (Shift-JIS_2004)) Required
Email Sender Address SenderEmail Email (80)  
Email Sender Name SenderName Text (80)  
Email Signature Signature Textarea (1333)  
Employee Number EmployeeNumber Text (20)  
EnableAutoSubForFeeds UserPreferencesEnableAutoSubForFeeds Checkbox Required
EventRemindersCheckboxDefault UserPreferencesEventRemindersCheckboxDefault Checkbox Required
Extension Extension Phone (40)  
External Id cloupra__External_Id__c Text (25) Unique, External ID
External Ref Number 1 cloupra__External_Ref_Number_1__c Text (20) Help text: A unique identifier for this team member as used by a partner company or an external system. For example, an authorised rep number issued by a financial institution, or an identifier issued by a professional association.
Attribute: Unique, External ID
External Ref Number 2 cloupra__External_Ref_Number_2__c Text (20) Help text: A unique identifier for this team member as used by a partner company or an external system. For example, an authorised rep number issued by a financial institution, or an identifier issued by a professional association.
Attribute: Unique, External ID
External Ref Number 3 cloupra__External_Ref_Number_3__c Text (20) Help text: A unique identifier for this team member as used by a partner company or an external system. For example, an authorised rep number issued by a financial institution, or an identifier issued by a professional association.
Attribute: Unique, External ID
Facebook cloupra__Facebook__c Formula (Text) IF(ISBLANK(cloupra__Facebook_Username__c),
   "" &  cloupra__Facebook_Username__c
Facebook Username cloupra__Facebook_Username__c Url (255)  
FavoritesShowTopFavorites UserPreferencesFavoritesShowTopFavorites Checkbox Required
FavoritesWTShown UserPreferencesFavoritesWTShown Checkbox Required
Fax Fax Phone (40)  
First Name FirstName Text (40)  
Flow User UserPermissionsInteractionUser Checkbox Required
Full Name Name Text (121) Required
Geocode Accuracy GeocodeAccuracy Picklist (Address; NearAddress; Block; Street; ExtendedZip; Zip; Neighborhood; City; County; State; Unknown)  
GlobalNavBarWTShown UserPreferencesGlobalNavBarWTShown Checkbox Required
GlobalNavGridMenuWTShown UserPreferencesGlobalNavGridMenuWTShown Checkbox Required
Google Drive Folder ID cloupra__Google_Drive_Folder_ID__c Text (255)  
Has Profile Photo IsProfilePhotoActive Checkbox Required
HideBiggerPhotoCallout UserPreferencesHideBiggerPhotoCallout Checkbox Required
HideChatterOnboardingSplash UserPreferencesHideChatterOnboardingSplash Checkbox Required
HideCSNDesktopTask UserPreferencesHideCSNDesktopTask Checkbox Required
HideCSNGetChatterMobileTask UserPreferencesHideCSNGetChatterMobileTask Checkbox Required
HideEndUserOnboardingAssistantModal UserPreferencesHideEndUserOnboardingAssistantModal Checkbox Required
HideLightningMigrationModal UserPreferencesHideLightningMigrationModal Checkbox Required
HideS1BrowserUI UserPreferencesHideS1BrowserUI Checkbox Required
HideSecondChatterOnboardingSplash UserPreferencesHideSecondChatterOnboardingSplash Checkbox Required
HideSfxWelcomeMat UserPreferencesHideSfxWelcomeMat Checkbox Required
Info Emails ReceivesInfoEmails Checkbox Required
Initials cloupra__Initials__c Formula (Text) LEFT(FirstName, 1) & LEFT(LastName, 1)
Language LanguageLocaleKey Picklist (English; German; Spanish; French; Italian; Japanese; Swedish; Korean; Chinese (Traditional); Chinese (Simplified); Portuguese (Brazil); Dutch; Danish; Thai; Finnish; Russian; Spanish (Mexico); Norwegian) Required
Last Login LastLoginDate Datetime  
Last Modified By ID LastModifiedById Lookup (User) Required
Last Modified Date LastModifiedDate Datetime Required
Last Name LastName Text (80) Required
Last Password Change or Reset LastPasswordChangeDate Datetime  
Last Referenced Date LastReferencedDate Datetime  
Last Viewed Date LastViewedDate Datetime  
Latitude Latitude Number (3, 15)  
Launch Tour On Start cloupra__Launch_Tour_On_Start__c Checkbox Help text: If ticked, the welcome instructional tour runs when the default page is displayed.
Attribute: Required
LightningExperiencePreferred UserPreferencesLightningExperiencePreferred Checkbox Required
LinkedIn cloupra__LinkedIn__c Formula (Text) IF(ISBLANK(cloupra__LinkedIn_URL__c),
   IF(LEFT(cloupra__LinkedIn_URL__c, 4) != "http",
      "https://" & cloupra__LinkedIn_URL__c,
LinkedIn Access Token cloupra__LinkedIn_Access_Token__c Textarea (32768)  
LinkedIn Expires In cloupra__LinkedIn_Expires_In__c Number (18, 0)  
LinkedIn URL cloupra__LinkedIn_URL__c Url (255)  
Locale LocaleSidKey Picklist (Albanian (Albania); Arabic (Algeria); Arabic (Bahrain); Arabic (Egypt); Arabic (Iraq); Arabic (Jordan); Arabic (Kuwait); Arabic (Lebanon); Arabic (Libya); Arabic (Morocco); Arabic (Oman); Arabic (Qatar); Arabic (Saudi Arabia); Arabic (Sudan); Arabic (Syria); Arabic (Tunisia); Arabic (United Arab Emirates); Arabic (Yemen); Armenian (Armenia); Azerbaijani (Azerbaijan); Bangla (Bangladesh); Basque (Spain); Belarusian (Belarus); Bosnian (Bosnia & Herzegovina); Bulgarian (Bulgaria); Burmese (Myanmar (Burma)); Catalan (Spain); Chinese (China, Pinyin Ordering); Chinese (China, Stroke Ordering); Chinese (China); Chinese (Hong Kong SAR China, Stroke Ordering); Chinese (Hong Kong SAR China); Chinese (Macau SAR China); Chinese (Singapore); Chinese (Taiwan, Stroke Ordering); Chinese (Taiwan); Croatian (Croatia); Czech (Czechia); Danish (Denmark); Dutch (Aruba); Dutch (Belgium); Dutch (Netherlands); Dutch (Suriname); Dzongkha (Bhutan); English (Antigua & Barbuda); English (Australia); English (Bahamas); English (Barbados); English (Belize); English (Bermuda); English (Botswana); English (Cameroon); English (Canada); English (Cayman Islands); English (Eritrea); English (Falkland Islands); English (Fiji); English (Gambia); English (Ghana); English (Gibraltar); English (Guyana); English (Hong Kong SAR China); English (India); English (Indonesia); English (Ireland); English (Jamaica); English (Kenya); English (Liberia); English (Madagascar); English (Malawi); English (Malaysia); English (Mauritius); English (Namibia); English (New Zealand); English (Nigeria); English (Pakistan); English (Papua New Guinea); English (Philippines); English (Rwanda); English (Samoa); English (Seychelles); English (Sierra Leone); English (Singapore); English (Sint Maarten); English (Solomon Islands); English (South Africa); English (St. Helena); English (Swaziland); English (Tanzania); English (Tonga); English (Trinidad & Tobago); English (Uganda); English (United Kingdom); English (United States); English (Vanuatu); Estonian (Estonia); Finnish (Finland); French (Belgium); French (Canada); French (Comoros); French (France); French (Guinea); French (Haiti); French (Luxembourg); French (Mauritania); French (Monaco); French (Switzerland); French (Wallis & Futuna); Georgian (Georgia); German (Austria); German (Belgium); German (Germany); German (Luxembourg); German (Switzerland); Greek (Greece); Hebrew (Israel); Hindi (India); Hungarian (Hungary); Icelandic (Iceland); Indonesian (Indonesia); Irish (Ireland); Italian (Italy); Italian (Switzerland); Japanese (Japan); Kazakh (Kazakhstan); Khmer (Cambodia); Korean (North Korea); Korean (South Korea); Kyrgyz (Kyrgyzstan); Lao (Laos); Latvian (Latvia); Lithuanian (Lithuania); Luba-Katanga (Congo - Kinshasa); Luxembourgish (Luxembourg); Macedonian (Macedonia); Malay (Brunei); Malay (Malaysia); Maltese (Malta); Montenegrin (Montenegro); Nepali (Nepal); Norwegian (Norway); Pashto (Afghanistan); Persian (Iran); Polish (Poland); Portuguese (Angola); Portuguese (Brazil); Portuguese (Cape Verde); Portuguese (Mozambique); Portuguese (Portugal); Portuguese (São Tomé & Príncipe); Romanian (Moldova); Romanian (Romania); Romansh (Switzerland); Rundi (Burundi); Russian (Russia); Serbian (Cyrillic) (Bosnia and Herzegovina); Serbian (Cyrillic) (Serbia); Serbian (Latin) (Bosnia and Herzegovina); Serbian (Latin) (Serbia); Serbian (Serbia); Slovak (Slovakia); Slovenian (Slovenia); Somali (Djibouti); Somali (Somalia); Spanish (Argentina); Spanish (Bolivia); Spanish (Chile); Spanish (Colombia); Spanish (Costa Rica); Spanish (Cuba); Spanish (Dominican Republic); Spanish (Ecuador); Spanish (El Salvador); Spanish (Guatemala); Spanish (Honduras); Spanish (Mexico); Spanish (Nicaragua); Spanish (Panama); Spanish (Paraguay); Spanish (Peru); Spanish (Puerto Rico); Spanish (Spain); Spanish (United States); Spanish (Uruguay); Spanish (Venezuela); Swedish (Sweden); Tagalog (Philippines); Tajik (Tajikistan); Tamil (India); Tamil (Sri Lanka); Thai (Thailand); Tigrinya (Ethiopia); Turkish (Turkey); Ukrainian (Ukraine); Urdu (Pakistan); Uzbek (LATN,UZ); Vietnamese (Vietnam); Welsh (United Kingdom); Yoruba (Benin)) Required
Longitude Longitude Number (3, 15)  
Manager ID ManagerId Lookup (User)  
Marketing User UserPermissionsMarketingUser Checkbox Required
Midwinter AdviserUser cloupra__Midwinter_AdviserUser__c Text (255) The corresponding 'AdviserUser' in Midwinter.
Mobile MobilePhone Phone (40)  
Nickname CommunityNickname Text (40) Required
Offline Edition Trial Expiration Date OfflineTrialExpirationDate Datetime  
Offline User UserPermissionsOfflineUser Checkbox Required
PathAssistantCollapsed UserPreferencesPathAssistantCollapsed Checkbox Required
Person ID ContactId Lookup (Contact)  
Phone Phone Phone (40)  
Photo SmallPhotoUrl Url (1024)  
Praemium UserID cloupra__Praemium_UserID__c Text (255) UserID of the user in Praemium.
PreviewLightning UserPreferencesPreviewLightning Checkbox Required
Primary Division cloupra__Primary_Division__c Text (18)  
Primary Division Name cloupra__Primary_Division_Name__c Text (80)  
Profile ID ProfileId Lookup (Profile) Required
RecordHomeReservedWTShown UserPreferencesRecordHomeReservedWTShown Checkbox Required
RecordHomeSectionCollapseWTShown UserPreferencesRecordHomeSectionCollapseWTShown Checkbox Required
ReminderSoundOff UserPreferencesReminderSoundOff Checkbox Required
Role ID UserRoleId Lookup (Userrole)  
Sales Anywhere Trial Expiration Date OfflinePdaTrialExpirationDate Datetime  
Salesforce CRM Content User UserPermissionsSFContentUser Checkbox Required
SAML Federation ID FederationIdentifier Text (512)  
Service Cloud User UserPermissionsSupportUser Checkbox Required
Short Name cloupra__Short_Name__c Formula (Text) IF(LEN(FirstName & " " & LastName)>30,
   LEFT(FirstName & " " & LastName,27) & "...",
   FirstName & " " & LastName
ShowCityToExternalUsers UserPreferencesShowCityToExternalUsers Checkbox Required
ShowCityToGuestUsers UserPreferencesShowCityToGuestUsers Checkbox Required
ShowCountryToExternalUsers UserPreferencesShowCountryToExternalUsers Checkbox Required
ShowCountryToGuestUsers UserPreferencesShowCountryToGuestUsers Checkbox Required
ShowEmailToExternalUsers UserPreferencesShowEmailToExternalUsers Checkbox Required
ShowEmailToGuestUsers UserPreferencesShowEmailToGuestUsers Checkbox Required
Show external indicator IsExtIndicatorVisible Checkbox Required
ShowFaxToExternalUsers UserPreferencesShowFaxToExternalUsers Checkbox Required
ShowFaxToGuestUsers UserPreferencesShowFaxToGuestUsers Checkbox Required
ShowManagerToExternalUsers UserPreferencesShowManagerToExternalUsers Checkbox Required
ShowManagerToGuestUsers UserPreferencesShowManagerToGuestUsers Checkbox Required
ShowMobilePhoneToExternalUsers UserPreferencesShowMobilePhoneToExternalUsers Checkbox Required
ShowMobilePhoneToGuestUsers UserPreferencesShowMobilePhoneToGuestUsers Checkbox Required
ShowPostalCodeToExternalUsers UserPreferencesShowPostalCodeToExternalUsers Checkbox Required
ShowPostalCodeToGuestUsers UserPreferencesShowPostalCodeToGuestUsers Checkbox Required
ShowProfilePicToGuestUsers UserPreferencesShowProfilePicToGuestUsers Checkbox Required
ShowStateToExternalUsers UserPreferencesShowStateToExternalUsers Checkbox Required
ShowStateToGuestUsers UserPreferencesShowStateToGuestUsers Checkbox Required
ShowStreetAddressToExternalUsers UserPreferencesShowStreetAddressToExternalUsers Checkbox Required
ShowStreetAddressToGuestUsers UserPreferencesShowStreetAddressToGuestUsers Checkbox Required
ShowTitleToExternalUsers UserPreferencesShowTitleToExternalUsers Checkbox Required
ShowTitleToGuestUsers UserPreferencesShowTitleToGuestUsers Checkbox Required
ShowWorkPhoneToExternalUsers UserPreferencesShowWorkPhoneToExternalUsers Checkbox Required
ShowWorkPhoneToGuestUsers UserPreferencesShowWorkPhoneToGuestUsers Checkbox Required
SortFeedByComment UserPreferencesSortFeedByComment Checkbox Required
State/Province State Text (80)  
Stay-in-Touch Email Note StayInTouchNote Text (512)  
Stay-in-Touch Email Signature StayInTouchSignature Textarea (512)  
Stay-in-Touch Email Subject StayInTouchSubject Text (80)  
StayInTouchReminder EmailPreferencesStayInTouchReminder Checkbox Required
Street Street Textarea (255)  
Structure Orientation cloupra__Structure_Orientation__c Picklist (Horizontal; Vertical)  
System Modstamp SystemModstamp Datetime Required
TaskRemindersCheckboxDefault UserPreferencesTaskRemindersCheckboxDefault Checkbox Required
Team Member Colour cloupra__Team_Member_Colour__c Text (255)  
Time Zone TimeZoneSidKey Picklist ((GMT+14:00) Line Islands Time (Pacific/Kiritimati); (GMT+13:45) Chatham Daylight Time (Pacific/Chatham); (GMT+13:00) New Zealand Daylight Time (Pacific/Auckland); (GMT+13:00) Phoenix Islands Time (Pacific/Enderbury); (GMT+13:00) Tonga Standard Time (Pacific/Tongatapu); (GMT+12:00) Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski Standard Time (Asia/Kamchatka); (GMT+12:00) Fiji Standard Time (Pacific/Fiji); (GMT+11:00) Pacific/Norfolk; (GMT+11:00) Lord Howe Daylight Time (Australia/Lord_Howe); (GMT+11:00) Australian Eastern Daylight Time (Australia/Sydney); (GMT+11:00) Solomon Islands Time (Pacific/Guadalcanal); (GMT+10:30) Australian Central Daylight Time (Australia/Adelaide); (GMT+10:00) Australian Eastern Standard Time (Australia/Brisbane); (GMT+09:30) Australian Central Standard Time (Australia/Darwin); (GMT+09:00) Korean Standard Time (Asia/Seoul); (GMT+09:00) Japan Standard Time (Asia/Tokyo); (GMT+08:00) Hong Kong Standard Time (Asia/Hong_Kong); (GMT+08:00) Malaysia Time (Asia/Kuala_Lumpur); (GMT+08:00) Philippine Standard Time (Asia/Manila); (GMT+08:00) China Standard Time (Asia/Shanghai); (GMT+08:00) Singapore Standard Time (Asia/Singapore); (GMT+08:00) Taipei Standard Time (Asia/Taipei); (GMT+08:00) Australian Western Standard Time (Australia/Perth); (GMT+07:00) Indochina Time (Asia/Bangkok); (GMT+07:00) Indochina Time (Asia/Ho_Chi_Minh); (GMT+07:00) Western Indonesia Time (Asia/Jakarta); (GMT+06:30) Myanmar Time (Asia/Rangoon); (GMT+06:00) Bangladesh Standard Time (Asia/Dhaka); (GMT+05:45) Nepal Time (Asia/Kathmandu); (GMT+05:30) India Standard Time (Asia/Colombo); (GMT+05:30) India Standard Time (Asia/Kolkata); (GMT+05:00) Pakistan Standard Time (Asia/Karachi); (GMT+05:00) Uzbekistan Standard Time (Asia/Tashkent); (GMT+05:00) Yekaterinburg Standard Time (Asia/Yekaterinburg); (GMT+04:30) Afghanistan Time (Asia/Kabul); (GMT+04:00) Azerbaijan Standard Time (Asia/Baku); (GMT+04:00) Gulf Standard Time (Asia/Dubai); (GMT+04:00) Georgia Standard Time (Asia/Tbilisi); (GMT+04:00) Armenia Standard Time (Asia/Yerevan); (GMT+03:30) Iran Standard Time (Asia/Tehran); (GMT+03:00) East Africa Time (Africa/Nairobi); (GMT+03:00) Arabian Standard Time (Asia/Baghdad); (GMT+03:00) Arabian Standard Time (Asia/Kuwait); (GMT+03:00) Arabian Standard Time (Asia/Riyadh); (GMT+03:00) Europe/Istanbul; (GMT+03:00) Moscow Standard Time (Europe/Minsk); (GMT+03:00) Moscow Standard Time (Europe/Moscow); (GMT+02:00) Eastern European Standard Time (Africa/Cairo); (GMT+02:00) South Africa Standard Time (Africa/Johannesburg); (GMT+02:00) Eastern European Standard Time (Asia/Beirut); (GMT+02:00) Israel Standard Time (Asia/Jerusalem); (GMT+02:00) Eastern European Standard Time (Europe/Athens); (GMT+02:00) Eastern European Standard Time (Europe/Bucharest); (GMT+02:00) Eastern European Standard Time (Europe/Helsinki); (GMT+01:00) Central European Standard Time (Africa/Algiers); (GMT+01:00) Western European Standard Time (Africa/Casablanca); (GMT+01:00) Central European Standard Time (Europe/Amsterdam); (GMT+01:00) Central European Standard Time (Europe/Berlin); (GMT+01:00) Central European Standard Time (Europe/Brussels); (GMT+01:00) Central European Standard Time (Europe/Paris); (GMT+01:00) Central European Standard Time (Europe/Prague); (GMT+01:00) Central European Standard Time (Europe/Rome); (GMT+00:00) Irish Standard Time (Europe/Dublin); (GMT+00:00) Western European Standard Time (Europe/Lisbon); (GMT+00:00) Greenwich Mean Time (Europe/London); (GMT+00:00) Greenwich Mean Time (GMT); (GMT-01:00) East Greenland Standard Time (America/Scoresbysund); (GMT-01:00) Azores Standard Time (Atlantic/Azores); (GMT-01:00) Cape Verde Standard Time (Atlantic/Cape_Verde); (GMT-02:00) South Georgia Time (Atlantic/South_Georgia); (GMT-03:00) Argentina Standard Time (America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires); (GMT-03:00) Chile Summer Time (America/Santiago); (GMT-03:00) Brasilia Standard Time (America/Sao_Paulo); (GMT-03:30) Newfoundland Standard Time (America/St_Johns); (GMT-04:00) Venezuela Time (America/Caracas); (GMT-04:00) Atlantic Standard Time (America/Halifax); (GMT-04:00) Atlantic Standard Time (America/Puerto_Rico); (GMT-04:00) Atlantic Standard Time (Atlantic/Bermuda); (GMT-05:00) Colombia Standard Time (America/Bogota); (GMT-05:00) Eastern Standard Time (America/Indiana/Indianapolis); (GMT-05:00) Peru Standard Time (America/Lima); (GMT-05:00) Eastern Standard Time (America/New_York); (GMT-05:00) Eastern Standard Time (America/Panama); (GMT-06:00) Central Standard Time (America/Chicago); (GMT-06:00) Central Standard Time (America/El_Salvador); (GMT-06:00) Central Standard Time (America/Mexico_City); (GMT-07:00) Mountain Standard Time (America/Denver); (GMT-07:00) Mexican Pacific Standard Time (America/Mazatlan); (GMT-07:00) Mountain Standard Time (America/Phoenix); (GMT-08:00) Pacific Standard Time (America/Los_Angeles); (GMT-08:00) Pacific Standard Time (America/Tijuana); (GMT-08:00) Pitcairn Time (Pacific/Pitcairn); (GMT-09:00) Alaska Standard Time (America/Anchorage); (GMT-09:00) Gambier Time (Pacific/Gambier); (GMT-09:30) Marquesas Time (Pacific/Marquesas); (GMT-10:00) Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time (America/Adak); (GMT-10:00) Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time (Pacific/Honolulu); (GMT-11:00) Niue Time (Pacific/Niue); (GMT-11:00) Samoa Standard Time (Pacific/Pago_Pago)) Required
Title Title Text (80)  
Today cloupra__Today__c Formula (Date) Today()
Twitter cloupra__Twitter__c Formula (Text) IF(ISBLANK(cloupra__Twitter_Username__c),
   "" &  cloupra__Twitter_Username__c
Twitter Username cloupra__Twitter_Username__c Url (255)  
Url for Android banner photo MediumBannerPhotoUrl Url (1024)  
Url for banner photo BannerPhotoUrl Url (1024)  
Url for full-sized Photo FullPhotoUrl Url (1024)  
Url for IOS banner photo SmallBannerPhotoUrl Url (1024)  
Url for medium profile photo MediumPhotoUrl Url (1024)  
User ID Id Id (18) Required
Username Username Text (80) Required
User Photo badge text overlay BadgeText Text (80)  
User Type UserType Picklist (Standard; Partner; Customer Portal Manager; Customer Portal User; Guest; High Volume Portal; CSN Only; Self Service)  
View URL cloupra__View_URL__c Formula (Text) HYPERLINK(
   "/apex/TeamMemberView?id=" &  Id,
   FirstName & " " & LastName,
Zip/Postal Code PostalCode Text (20)  
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