Applied Recommendation


An application of a recommendation to a specific client goal. Applied Recommendation is a junction object between Recommendation and Goal.

Field Label API Name Type Notes
Applied Recommendation Number Name Text (80) Required
Client cloupra__Client__c Lookup (Account)  
Created By ID CreatedById Lookup (User) Required
Created Date CreatedDate Datetime Required
Deleted IsDeleted Checkbox Required
Goal cloupra__Goal__c Lookup (Cloupra__Goal__C)  
Last Activity Date LastActivityDate Date  
Last Modified By ID LastModifiedById Lookup (User) Required
Last Modified Date LastModifiedDate Datetime Required
Owner ID OwnerId Lookup (Group, User) Required
Policy cloupra__Policy__c Lookup (Cloupra__Policy__C)  
Portfolio Holding cloupra__Portfolio_Holding__c Lookup (Cloupra__Portfolio_Holding__C)  
Primary Division cloupra__Primary_Division__c Lookup (Account)  
Recommendation cloupra__Recommendation__c Lookup (Cloupra__Recommendation__C)  
Record ID Id Id (18) Required
System Modstamp SystemModstamp Datetime Required


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