A communication, such as an email, phone call or meeting, between parties.

Field Label API Name Type Notes
Applied Process cloupra__Applied_Process__c Lookup (Cloupra__Applied_Process__C)  
Batch cloupra__Batch__c Lookup (Cloupra__Batch__C)  
Call Disposition cloupra__Call_Disposition__c Lookup (Cloupra__Category__C)  
Call Duration cloupra__Call_Duration__c Number (6, 0)  
Created By ID CreatedById Lookup (User) Required
Created Date CreatedDate Datetime Required
Deleted IsDeleted Checkbox Required
Details cloupra__Details__c Textarea (131000)  
Direction cloupra__Direction__c Lookup (Cloupra__Category__C)  
Direction cloupra__Direction_Picklist__c Picklist (Outbound; Inbound)  
External Id cloupra__External_Id__c Text (255) External ID
IsPhoneCall cloupra__IsPhoneCall__c Formula (Checkbox)

Formula: cloupra__Method__r.

cloupra__Group_Code__c = 'INTYPHONE'
Attribute: Required

Last Activity Date LastActivityDate Date  
Last Modified By ID LastModifiedById Lookup (User) Required
Last Modified Date LastModifiedDate Datetime Required
Last Referenced Date LastReferencedDate Datetime  
Last Viewed Date LastViewedDate Datetime  
Location cloupra__Location__c Text (255)  
Method cloupra__Method_Picklist__c Picklist (Email; Phone Call; SMS; Meeting; Seminar; Post; Web Enquiry; Unknown)  
Method cloupra__Method__c Lookup (Cloupra__Category__C)  
Method Group Code cloupra__Method_Group_Code__c Formula (Text)



Mood cloupra__Mood__c Lookup (Cloupra__Category__C)  
Organisation cloupra__Client__c Lookup (Account)  
Organisation Orgn Type cloupra__Organisation_Orgn_Type__c Formula (Text)



Outcome cloupra__Outcome__c Lookup (Cloupra__Category__C)  
Owner Colour cloupra__Owner_Colour__c Formula (Text)



Owner ID OwnerId Lookup (Group, User) Required
Person cloupra__Person__c Lookup (Contact)  
Policy cloupra__Policy__c Lookup (Cloupra__Policy__C)  
Portfolio Holding cloupra__Portfolio_Holding__c Lookup (Cloupra__Portfolio_Holding__C)  
Primary Division cloupra__Primary_Division__c Lookup (Account)  
Provider cloupra__Provider__c Lookup (Account)  
Record ID Id Id (18) Required
Related Activity Id cloupra__Related_Activity_Id__c Text (18)

Help text: Stores

activity id as an

external id when

interaction is created

from sync interaction trigger.
Attribute: External ID

Related Client cloupra__Related_Client__c Lookup (Account)  
Related Email Message Id cloupra__Related_Email_Message_Id__c Text (18)

When an interaction

record is created from

an Email Message

record, this field contains

the ID of the related

Email Message.

Related Employer cloupra__Related_Employer__c Lookup (Account)  
Related Interaction cloupra__Related_Interaction__c Lookup (Cloupra__Interaction__C)  
Related Organisation cloupra__Related_Organisation__c Lookup (Account)  
Related Person cloupra__Related_Person__c Lookup (Contact)  
Related Person First Name cloupra__Related_Person_First_Name__c Formula (Text) cloupra__Related_Person__r.FirstName
Related Person Mobile Phone cloupra__Related_Person_Mobile_Phone__c Formula (Text)



Related Provider cloupra__Related_Provider__c Lookup (Account)  
Related Service cloupra__Related_Service__c Lookup (Cloupra__Service__C)  
Service cloupra__Service__c Lookup (Cloupra__Service__C)  
Source Record cloupra__Source_Record__c Text (18)  
Subject Name Text (80)  
Syndicate cloupra__Syndicate__c Lookup (Cloupra__Syndicate__C)  
System Modstamp SystemModstamp Datetime Required
Task cloupra__Task__c Lookup (Cloupra__Task__C)  
Type cloupra__Type__c Lookup (Cloupra__Category__C)  
Until cloupra__Until__c Datetime  
URL cloupra__URL__c Url (255)  
When cloupra__When__c Datetime  
When Relative cloupra__When_Relative__c Formula (Text) IF
        (TODAY() - datevalue(cloupra__When__c)) == 0
        ,text(TODAY() - datevalue(cloupra__When__c)) & ' days ago'


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