A service provided to a client and/or a person and defined by a service type, such as:

  • financial advice;
  • corporate super management;
  • membership to a superannuation or pension fund;
  • life insurance; or
  • investment portfolio management.

Services are used to manage pipeline of possible opportunities, estimated and actual revenue (often via instalments), work performed (via processes and tasks) and costs incurred.


Field Label API Name Type Notes
Actual Cost cloupra__Actual_Cost__c Currency (9, 2) The total of actual costs incurred on all tasks for this service.
Actual Effort cloupra__Actual_Effort__c Number (7, 2) The total of actual effort spent on all tasks for this process.
Actual Sale Amount cloupra__Service_Actual_Sale_Amount__c Currency (9, 2) The amount charged to the client for this service, which may include or exclude tax (according to Tax Applicability).
Actual Sale Amount cloupra__Actual_Sale_Amount__c Formula (Currency) IF
Actual Sale Amount (ex Tax) cloupra__Sale_Amount_ex_Tax__c Formula (Currency) Help text: The sale amount of the service, excluding tax.
Formula: CASE

cloupra__Actual_Sale_Amount__c/(1 + cloupra__Current_Tax_Rate__r.cloupra__Percentage__c),

Actual Sale Amount (inc Tax) cloupra__Sale_Amount_inc_Tax__c Formula (Currency) Help text: The sale amount of the service, including tax.
Formula: CASE

cloupra__Actual_Sale_Amount__c * (1 + cloupra__Current_Tax_Rate__r.cloupra__Percentage__c),


Agreement Id cloupra__Agreement_Id__c Text (18)  
Balance cloupra__Account_Balance__c Formula (Currency) IF(cloupra__Service_Type__r.cloupra__Allocation_Option__r.cloupra__Group_Code__c = 'ALOENABLED', cloupra__Allocation_Balance__c, cloupra__Balance__c)
Balance cloupra__Balance__c Currency (16, 2)  
Balance cloupra__Allocation_Balance__c Currency (16, 2)  
Balance Date cloupra__Balance_Date__c Date  
Batch cloupra__Batch__c Lookup (Cloupra__Batch__C)  
Beneficiary Percentage cloupra__Beneficiary_Percentage__c Percent (9, 2)  
Benefit Class cloupra__Benefit_Class__c Lookup (Cloupra__Category__C)  
Client cloupra__Client__c Lookup (Account) The client for whom the service is being performed.
Collection Id cloupra__Collection_Id__c Text (255)  
Created By ID CreatedById Lookup (User) Required
Created Date CreatedDate Datetime Required
Credit Card Token cloupra__Credit_Card_Token__c Text (24)  
Current Tax Rate cloupra__Current_Tax_Rate__c Lookup (Cloupra__Category__C) The prevailing sales tax rate (configured by the system administrator).
Date Joined Company cloupra__Date_Joined_Company__c Date  
Declined Date cloupra__Declined_Date__c Date The date on which the client declined this service.
Deleted IsDeleted Checkbox Required
Description cloupra__Description__c Textarea (255) A short description of the service being provided.
Employer cloupra__Employer__c Lookup (Account)  
Employer Contribution cloupra__Employer_Contribution__c Currency (5, 2) The contribution made by the employer towards the annual premium for each employee's policy under this group scheme.
End Date cloupra__End_Date__c Date  
Estimated Close Month cloupra__Estimated_Close_Month__c Date  
Estimated Sale Amount cloupra__Est_Sale_Amount__c Formula (Currency) IF
CASE(cloupra__Service_Type__r.cloupra__Instalment_Option__r.cloupra__Code__c, "INSOPACTUAL", cloupra__Service_Est_Sale_Amount__c, "INSOPTESTACT", cloupra__Instalment_Est_Amount__c, 0 )
Estimated Sale Amount cloupra__Service_Est_Sale_Amount__c Currency (9, 2) The estimated charge to the client for this service, which may include or exclude tax (according to Tax Applicability).
Estimated Sale Amount (ex Tax) cloupra__Est_Sale_Amount_ex_Tax__c Formula (Currency) CASE

cloupra__Est_Sale_Amount__c/(1 + cloupra__Current_Tax_Rate__r.cloupra__Percentage__c),

Estimated Sale Amount (inc Tax) cloupra__Est_Sale_Amount_inc_Tax__c Formula (Currency) CASE

cloupra__Est_Sale_Amount__c * (1 + cloupra__Current_Tax_Rate__r.cloupra__Percentage__c),


Exchange Date cloupra__Exchange_Date__c Date The date of contract exchange (for property/mortgage services).
External Id cloupra__External_Id__c Text (100) Unique, External ID
External Id 2 cloupra__External_Id_2__c Text (255) Help text: A unique identifier for the service. Used for matching when uploading related files or integrating systems. Populate this field if there are variations on a single number from external sources (e.g. commission files).
Attribute: External ID
External Id 3 cloupra__External_Id_3__c Text (255) Help text: A unique identifier for the service. Used for matching when uploading related files or integrating systems. Populate this field if there are variations on a single number from external sources (e.g. commission files).
Attribute: External ID
External Id 4 cloupra__External_Id_4__c Text (255) Help text: A unique identifier for the service. Used for matching when uploading related files or integrating systems. Populate this field if there are variations on a single number from external sources (e.g. commission files).
Attribute: External ID
External Id 5 cloupra__External_Id_5__c Text (255) Help text: A unique identifier for the service. Used for matching when uploading related files or integrating systems. Populate this field if there are variations on a single number from external sources (e.g. commission files).
Attribute: External ID
Fee Basis cloupra__Fee_Basis__c Picklist (% of AUM; Flat Fee)  
First Contact Date cloupra__First_Contact_Date__c Date  
Flag 1 cloupra__Flag_1__c Checkbox Required
Flag 2 cloupra__Flag_2__c Checkbox Required
Flag 3 cloupra__Flag_3__c Checkbox Required
Flag 4 cloupra__Flag_4__c Checkbox Required
Flag 5 cloupra__Flag_5__c Checkbox Required
Flat Fee cloupra__Flat_Fee__c Currency (9, 2)  
Gross Sale Amount cloupra__Service_Gross_Sale_Amount__c Currency (9, 2)  
Gross Sale Amount cloupra__Gross_Sale_Amount__c Formula (Currency) IF
CASE(cloupra__Service_Type__r.cloupra__Instalment_Option__r.cloupra__Code__c, "INSOPACTUAL", cloupra__Service_Gross_Sale_Amount__c, "INSOPTESTACT", cloupra__Instalment_Gross_Amount__c, 0 )
Instalment Actual Amount cloupra__Instalment_Actual_Amount__c Currency (9, 2)  
Instalment Estimate Amount cloupra__Instalment_Est_Amount__c Currency (9, 2)  
Instalment Gross Amount cloupra__Instalment_Gross_Amount__c Currency (9, 2)  
Instruction Date cloupra__Instruction_Date__c Date  
Insurance Option cloupra__Insurance_Option__c Lookup (Cloupra__Category__C) The  insurance option selected for a superannuation or pension member account.
Last Activity Date LastActivityDate Date  
Last Modified By ID LastModifiedById Lookup (User) Required
Last Modified Date LastModifiedDate Datetime Required
Last Referenced Date LastReferencedDate Datetime  
Last Renewal Date cloupra__Last_Renewal_Date__c Date The date on which the client most recently agreed to this service
Last Review Date cloupra__Last_Review_Date__c Date  
Last Statement Sent cloupra__Last_Statement_Sent__c Date  
Last Viewed Date LastViewedDate Datetime  
Likelihood cloupra__Likelihood__c Picklist (Hot; Warm; Cold)  
Member Number cloupra__Member_Number__c Text (80)  
Next Renewal Date cloupra__Next_Renewal_Date__c Date The date that the next renewal is due, as calculated based on the renewal interval specified on service type.
Next Statement Date cloupra__Next_Statement_Date__c Date The date that the next statement is due, based on the service type.
Originator cloupra__Originator__c Lookup (User)  
Owner ID OwnerId Lookup (Group, User) Required
Person cloupra__Person__c Lookup (Contact)  
Potential AUM cloupra__Potential_AUM__c Currency (16, 2)  
Potential Fee Rate % cloupra__Potential_Fee_Rate__c Percent (3, 3)  
Potential Revenue cloupra__Potential_Revenue__c Formula (Currency) IF(ISPICKVAL(cloupra__Fee_Basis__c,"Flat Fee"), cloupra__Flat_Fee__c,cloupra__Potential_AUM__c * cloupra__Potential_Fee_Rate__c)
Price cloupra__Price__c Currency (6, 2)  
Pricing Method cloupra__Pricing_Method__c Picklist (Service Amount; Price & Quantity; Line Items)  
Primary Division cloupra__Primary_Division__c Lookup (Account) Record Owner's Primary Division
Provider cloupra__Provider__c Lookup (Account) The service provider involved in the service (e.g. an insurer, fund, lender, etc.).
Quantity cloupra__Quantity__c Number (4, 2)  
Record ID Id Id (18) Required
Related Policy cloupra__Related_Policy__c Lookup (Cloupra__Policy__C)  
Related To cloupra__Related_To__c Lookup (Cloupra__Service__C)  
Renewal Due cloupra__Renewal_Due__c Formula (Date) Help text: The date by which we must next confirm the client’s agreement for this service.
Formula: cloupra__Next_Renewal_Date__c
Renewal Exempt cloupra__Renewal_Exempt__c Checkbox Required
Renewal Notification Due cloupra__Renewal_Notification_Due__c Formula (Date) Help text: The date by which we should request the next agreement from the client for this service
Formula: cloupra__Renewal_Due__c  -  cloupra__Service_Type__r.cloupra__Notice_Period__c
Renewal Notification Sent cloupra__Renewal_Notification_Sent__c Date The date on which we last requested agreement from the client for this service.
Renewal Response Due cloupra__Renewal_Response_Due__c Formula (Date) Help text: The date by which must receive a response from the client to opt into or out of this service.
Formula: cloupra__Renewal_Notification_Sent__c  +  cloupra__Service_Type__r.cloupra__Deemed_Response_Period__c
Renewal Update cloupra__Renewal_Update__c Checkbox Required
Review Date cloupra__Review_Date__c Date  
Review Interval cloupra__Review_Interval__c Lookup (Cloupra__Category__C)  
Review Month cloupra__Review_Month__c Formula (Text) IF
Review Period cloupra__Review_Period__c Text (50)  
Review Reminder Email cloupra__Review_Reminder_Email__c Formula (Text) "&id=" + Id +
"&queryid=a0S9000000VoGEy?pv0=" + Id +
"&sc0=1" +
"&sc1=Google" +
Review Update cloupra__Review_Update__c Checkbox Required
Sale Amount (Line Items) cloupra__Sale_Amount_Line_Items__c Formula (Currency)  
Service Item OSPEntitlement cloupra__Service_Item_OSPEntitlement__c Lookup (Cloupra__Category__C)  
Service Item Review cloupra__Service_Item_Review__c Date  
Service Name Name Text (80)  
Service Type cloupra__Service_Type__c Lookup (Cloupra__Category__C) The type of service being provided to the client
Settlement Date cloupra__Settlement_Date__c Date The date of settlement (for property/mortgage services).
Stage cloupra__Stage__c Lookup (Cloupra__Category__C)  
Stage Duration cloupra__Stage_Duration__c Formula (Double) Help text: The number of days the service has been at its current stage.
Formula: TODAY() - cloupra__Stage_Entry_Date__c
Stage Entry Date cloupra__Stage_Entry_Date__c Date The date on which the service entered its current stage.
Start Date cloupra__Start_Date__c Date The commencement date for the service.
Statement Due cloupra__Statement_Due__c Formula (Date) cloupra__Next_Statement_Date__c
Statement Exempt cloupra__Statement_Exempt__c Checkbox Required
Statement Update cloupra__Statement_Update__c Checkbox Required
Syndicate cloupra__Syndicate__c Lookup (Cloupra__Syndicate__C)  
System Modstamp SystemModstamp Datetime Required
Tax Applicability cloupra__Tax_Applicability__c Lookup (Cloupra__Category__C) Denotes whether tax is included or excluded from the amount entered, or if the service is tax exempt.
Tax Rate cloupra__Tax_Rate__c Percent (3, 2)  
Temp Agreement cloupra__Temp_Agreement__c Text (18)  
Termination Date cloupra__Termination_Date__c Date  
Text Id cloupra__Text_Id__c Formula (Text) Id
Total Sale Amount cloupra__Total_Sale_Amount__c Formula (Currency) CASE (TEXT(cloupra__Pricing_Method__c),
"Service Amount",cloupra__Sale_Amount__c,
"Price & Quantity", cloupra__Price__c *  cloupra__Quantity__c,
"Line Items", cloupra__Sale_Amount_Line_Items__c,
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