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Integration summary

Our integration with Midwinter allows you to keep your Practifi Client, People, Entity, Asset & Liability records in sync with Midwinter, as well as providing shortcuts from your Practifi clients to the corresponding Midwinter record. The information flow between systems functions as below:





Real-time 🠞

Client Group

Client Entity

Real-time 🠞



Real-time 🠞


Assets (Lifestyle only) & Liabilities

Real-time 🠞

Personal Assets & Liabilities


Real-time 🠞



🠜 Daily



🠜 Daily

Investment Options

Using the integration

Sending clients to and viewing clients in Midwinter
  • From the Client record, open the overflow menu by clicking the down arrow in the page heading
  • Click the Create in Midwinter button. This will cause the button to be replaced by a View in Midwinter button.
  • After a moment, the Midwinter record will be accessible by clicking the View button, which opens AdviceOS in a new tab.
Other things to consider
  • In order for a Practifi lifestyle asset to be eligible to synchronise with Midwinter, it must have an Asset Stage of "Owned".
  • If you wish to synchronise an existing Midwinter client group with Practifi, contact your Customer Success Manager to organise.
Sending data between systems
  • All information flows in this integration are one-way only, either from Practifi to Midwinter or vice-versa. That means that updating data in the target system rather than the source system will cause it to be overwritten.
  • Data sourced from Midwinter is synchronised based on the scheduling done when initially setting up the integration. This may mean a lead time between sending a client to Midwinter and receiving an initial portfolio feed.
  • When viewing a client's assets, assets sourced from an external system will have an  icon to the right of the asset name. When your mouse cursor hovers over the icon, it will display the name of the system it came from, e.g. "Sourced from Midwinter Feed".
  • Holdings information can be seen from the asset record.
Field mapping

Client (Practifi) - Client Group (Midwinter)

Practifi Midwinter
Owner Adviser
Marital status Marital status
Location address Residential address
Postal address Postal address


Person (Practifi) - Client (Midwinter)

Practifi Midwinter
Salutation + First Name + Last Name Name
Preferred Name Preferred Name
DOB Date of Birth
Retirement Age Retirement
Sex Gender
Email Email Address
Mobile Phone Mobile Phone
Home Phone Home Phone
Business Phone Work Phone
Will Date Current will in place?
Smoker Smoker?
General Health Health

Client Entity (Practifi) - Entity (Midwinter)

Practifi Midwinter
Entity Name Entity Name
Entity Type Entity Type

Lifestyle Asset (Practifi) - Personal Asset (Midwinter)

Practifi Midwinter
Description Asset Name
Current Value Value
Category Type
Owners Owner
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