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The home page takes all of the activity happening in the firm and distills the elements that matter most into a series of tiles, which display single-value metrics, alongside different charts of various types, each of which can be clicked to reveal the records related to them in a record table, which allows users to take action where required. If that wasn't enough, it's also where teams can view their most timely agenda items, as well as business and client-related news articles.

Using Home Page Tiles

Tiles look for a set of records matching certain criteria and summarize a single value across the records, typically counting how many records were found. They are displayed in a tile row, which can expand or collapse to bring the included tiles in and out of focus. For example, every app includes a row at the top of the page called "My Tasks," which includes tiles that summarize open, due & overdue and delegated tasks for each user.

Clicking on a tile reveals a table containing the related records beneath the tile row, including filters to refine the table, row actions found in the overflow menu on the right side of each table row, and mass actions when selecting one or more records. When looking at a list of task records found in a tile's record table, team members can choose the "Complete Task" action from a record's row menu or select multiple tasks and complete them at once using the "Complete Tasks" mass action.

The tile's table can be closed by selecting the tile again, clicking the close button or switching between tiles, which updates which table is visible on-screen. If a tile doesn't return any records, it displays a zero and cannot be expanded. See a short video of tiles in action below:


Observing Key Metrics with Charts

To stay informed about what's happening with clients, prospects and the rest of a user's network, they're going to need more than simple metrics. This is why Practifi ships with charts of various types and includes an assortment of them on each app's home page, consolidating data from the far-flung corners of the firm's world into a single location and visualizing it effectively.

Much like our tiles, a list of related records can be exposed inline by selecting the "View data table" option in a chart's settings menu. Still, we can also focus on the records found in a particular chart segment by selecting it directly. Record tables support filtering, searching and sorting here as well, to drill into more detail.

Charts can display additional information in different ways: Some include it when hovering over data segments; others allow for selecting a segment and open a drill-through chart containing a secondary visualization relating to the records in the selected segment. Take a look at how our charts work in this short demonstration video:


Viewing Today's Agenda 

The agenda lives in a tab on the home page's left-side pane, and it's the place to go to see all events and tasks due today without needing to open specific tiles. Users can access other task views from here as well, such as "My Tasks" and "All Overdue."

Tracking Relevant News

The other tab is News, which displays "General Business News" from leading news agencies such as Reuters and the Wall Street Journal. As organizations are added to Practifi and teams define industries for each of them, these changes will start to affect the content seen in the news feed. Teams can find out more about how the news feed works in this Salesforce Help article.


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