Using the Black Diamond Integration



Our Black Diamond integration allows advisors to see assets and holdings from Black Diamond within your Practifi organization. This article outlines the integration, how to use the integration and the data field mapping of the integration.

Please note: This functionality will not be available in your organization if the integration has not been enabled. For information on enabling the integration, please consult our Enabling the Black Diamond Integration article.

Integration Summary

Our integration with Black Diamond allows you to keep your Practifi Assets and Holdings in sync with Black Diamond's Accounts & Holdings. The information flows between the two systems as per the table below:



Black Diamond








Using the Integration

Accessing the Black Diamond Portfolio List

  1. In the top-left App Launcher icon in Practifi, locate and launch the Integrations App.
  2. Select Black Diamond from the dropdown. This presents the list of Black Diamond Portfolios and of their earlier linkages.
    • Please note: If Black Diamond is the only integration added to the Practifi system then the choice of Black Diamond as a dropdown choice on the Integrations tab will not appear.  The Black Diamond portfolios will appear immediately on the mapping panel without needing to specifically select Black Diamond.


  1. To link a Black Diamond Portfolio to an existing Practifi Household click on the down arrow at the right of the row and select Edit.
  2. Search for the name of the Practifi Client you wish to associate with the Black Diamond Portfolio, then click Save to complete. The system will do a search of potential matches as you type.
  3. The assets and holdings of the Black Diamond portfolio are now linked to the selected Practifi household and will appear under the Financials tab in Practifi.

New Clients

Where there is no corresponding Client record in Practifi, you can create a new record either by:

  • Clicking on the down arrow at the right of the row and select Create New Client or


  • Ticking the checkbox on the left of the Portfolio Name and clicking on the Create New Client button.


This step will create a new Client in Practifi with the same name as the Black Diamond portfolio, with the underlying portfolio assets and holdings from Black Diamond included.

Viewing Assets and Holdings

Black Diamond assets are located on the Financials tab of a Client record.



Clicking on the Name of an asset opens further details. Basic details about the asset are found under the Basics tab. 


Clicking on the Holdings tab opens a table with summary details about each holding within the asset.


Clicking on the Name of a particular holding opens a panel with further details about the holding.


Field Mapping

The content of data fields flows one way, from Black Diamond to Practifi. 

Asset (Practifi) - Account (Black Diamond)

Practifi Black Diamond
Description Name
Account Number Account Number
Valuation Date As of Date
External Number (combination of Practifi & Black Diamond IDs) N/A
Current Value
(sum of Holdings)


 Holding (Practifi) - Holding (Black Diamond)

Practifi Black Diamond
Name Name
Segment Name Segment Name
Class Name Class Name
Product Code Ticker
Unit Balance Units
As At As of Date
External Number Account ID


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