Prepare Data for Service Team Updates


**Note: This content is intended for system administrators and is technical in nature**


When a user transitions off a team or leaves your firm, you may find a need to update client service teams en masse. This can be achieved by importing data via the Data Loader. While prepping data for upload falls outside of Practifi support, we can load changes once provided with properly formatted data.


What you will need

In order to update service team relationships for a set of clients, you will need to gather the following data:

  • Client name and ID
    • Found in Data Management > Clients
    • Add the 18-digit Account ID column via the Table Settings button (1)
    • Filter by Owner (2) to narrow down your list of clients
    • Export the table to CSV using the button at the bottom of the page (3)




  • Relationship type and ID
    • Found in Settings > Relationship Types
    • Filter the list to Related Team Member relationship types using the Relationship Role filter (1)
    • Find the 18-digit record ID (2) for each relationship type you wish to modify



  • Team member name and ID
    • Use the Practifi search to navigate to each team member’s page (1)
    • Find their 18-digit ID in their page’s URL (2)





Formatting your data

The data you tracked down above will now be used to create a CSV for upload via the Data Loader. Each of the items should be its own column on the spreadsheet, with one row per service team relationship you are modifying (note: this means there could be multiple rows per client).






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