Enabling the Orion Integration



Our integration with Orion helps you keep client portfolios in sync with the rest of your business. Through this integration, you will be able to view Orion Accounts and Holding information on your Practifi Client records. 

This article outlines the steps to enable the Orion integration in your organization. For more information about the Orion integration, please consult our Using the Orion Integration article.

**Note: This content is intended for system administrators and is technical in nature. Please discuss your integration installation plans with your Practifi Customer Support team for their assistance.*

Before You Begin

Enabling the Orion integration within your Practifi instance will require assistance from the Practifi Support team. It is important to discuss your plans to enable this integration with your Practifi Customer Support team. To begin the installation process, reach out to your CSM or to our Support team for assistance. The enablement process will begin with the Orion Salesforce Support team for initial installation and basic configuration and will be completed by the Practifi Support team for additional configuration. 

It is important to note that a user must have both a Practifi license and an Orion license attached to their user profile to use the Orion integration successfully. The user will also need to have authorized the OrionConnect App. Failure to have either of these will cause errors within your organization's sync and can lead to information changes made in Practifi being overwritten during the sync. If a ‘Default User’ is set up in the Orion app then this user can be used to sync updates from Practifi to Orion and not all the users need an Orion license in the CRM.


Installing the OrionConnect App 

Once you have established that you would like to enable the Orion integration in your Practifi organization, you will need to reach out to your Orion Support representative with the help of the Practifi Support team. The Orion Support representative will install and perform the basic configuration of the OrionConnect App for the client within the organization. During the basic configuration of the OrionConnect App, the Orion Support representative will locate the OrionSync Visualforce page and set up Orion API authentication for data syncing.

It is important to note that typically the Orion Salesforce Support representative will use an Orion-purchased Salesforce license to create a user in your organization to install the OrionConnect app. By default, the running user for the OrionConnect app will also be this Orion-purchased Salesforce license user.

Practifi Support Steps

Once your Orion Salesforce Support representative has completed the installation and basic configuration of the OrionConnect App in your organization, the Practifi Support team will perform the following steps on your behalf: 

  1. Verify and set up the Orion user permissions. Confirm that the Orion user has a Practifi license. If the Orion user doesn't have a Practifi license they will encounter sync errors related to insufficient permission.

  2. Schedule the daily sync using the OrionSync Visualforce page.

  3. Change the declarative data mapping on the OrionSync Visualforce page to map the OrionConnect App objects to the Practifi data model.

  4. Copy the required Orion-related workflow rules into your organization from the Practifi reference organization, such as CopyFieldsForOrion, SetOrionAssetFields and SetOrionHHFields.

  5. Copy the Orion-related Salesforce Flow into your organization from the Practifi reference organization.

  6. Run the sync.

  7. Examine the Logs section on the OrionSync Visualforce page for any errors if the sync is not working.

  8. Embed Orion Visualforce pages into the relevant Practifi page layouts. 

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