Cinsault Minor Release - November 2022



The following article covers what’s new in our Cinsault minor release to clarify what’s changed or what bugs have been resolved since our Cinsault major release as of November 2022. If you’re new to Practifi or our release documentation, please review our best practices for 📚 Using Practifi Release Notes


Included Changes

As of November 2022, teams will experience the following changes to their Practifi instance:

  • Updated font family in Highcharts: Font in charts and dashboards did not match the system font.

  • Expanded DataSetTypes for Quik! integration: Additional data type options to support the Quik! integration have been added, including:
    • FundSource
    • Company
    • Identification
    • ProductItem
    • Address
    • Assets
    • Signature
    • UserDefined
    • ProceedInstructions
    • QuikNavForm

More information about DataSetTypes can be found in Quik! ’s API Documentation.

  • New Process rich text field: A new rich text field called “Description” was added to the Process record page. The information saved in this field can be accessed later, including via Active Form Pre-Filling Logic for subsequent Tasks within this Process.

  • Add Individual to new Primary Entity: Some child records, such as Noticeboard posts, Objectives, and Risk Profiles, were not carried to the new record when adding an Individual to a new Household or Organization.

  • Convert Contact to Individual: The Tax Id Number values were not carried to the new record with converting a Contact to an Individual.

  • Deep Clone New Account Process: Users were previously unable to Deep Clone a "New Account Opening" Process.

  • Tamarac integration RMD calculation: The RMD Remaining calculation was generating an incorrect result due to Withdrawals YTD having a negative value. The “Withdrawals YTD “field on Asset/Liability will now be updated with the absolute value, which may also impact other non-Tamarac integrations.

  • Currency and Number fields in Active Forms: An error occurred while mapping Currency and Number fields from an Active form on one task to a Text field on another task.

  • Process Type Create New Task action: Some users reported the Process Task action of “Create New Task on Process” was not creating the next task.

  • Process Type Save to Related Record action: The “Save to Related Record” action generated an error when using the Record Path identification method. 

  • Process Type Checklist component: Preset Checklist Items on Tasks were displayed after task completion even though it was set not to display when the Criteria Location is not available.

  • Process Tasks with Checklists not launching: Process Tasks containing Checklist items were not launching as expected.

  • Addepar Accounts for Active Clients: Active Clients (i.e., with a stage of owned) were not syncing as expected every business day.

  • Updating Related Division on Primary Entity: The Related Division on child records was not being applied consistently as it was inheriting either from the owner or primary entity. We have now added a new trigger setting, “Populate Related Division from Entity,” which can be enabled so that all the child records will inherit the Related Division from their primary entity.

  • All Tasks list filter (Data Management app, Management app): A “Filter Set Component Error: Too many query rows” was occurring when filtering tasks in organizations with many (> 50,000) task records. We have introduced a partial solution to filter using either the “Assigned to User” or “Assigned to Queue” attributes, drastically reducing the number of database queries required.

    Please note: There is a known limitation where you cannot simultaneously select a filter on both User and Queues (i.e., the request will return no results). A complete solution is planned for a future major release.

  • New Local Callable Class:  A new Callable Class has been created to resolve issues where a custom field exists with the same API name as a packaged Practifi field, causing a Duplicate Field error. A LocalCallable class will need to be manually applied to affected organizations. To access this functionality,  please contact our Practifi Support team.
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