Cinsault Minor Release - January 2023



The following article covers what’s new in our Cinsault minor release to clarify what’s changed or what bugs have been resolved since our Cinsault major release as of January 2023. If you’re new to Practifi or our release documentation, please review our best practices for 📚 Using Practifi Release Notes


Included Changes

As of January 2023, teams will experience the following changes to their Practifi instance:

  • Notes, Files and Reference Documents consolidated: We have combined the navigation for Notes, Files and Reference Documents recorded against an entity into a single navigation icon called Documents. This replaces the previous Reference Documents icon.
    • The Reference Documents tab under the Documents navigation icon displays a list of reference documents related to the entity and its members, if applicable.
    • The Notes tab under the Documents navigation icon displays a list of notes related to the entity and its child records.
    • The Files tab under the Documents navigation icon displays a list of files related to the entity and its child records.
  • Reporting on Notes: You can now report on Notes created using the Export as CSV action button on the Notes tab under the Documents navigation icon.
  • New Deal flow overridable: The New Deal flow is now overridable, giving the ability to customize elements in the flow. This can be done by simply checking the overridable attribute on the flow.
  • Addepar Sync AUM not updating: Fixed an issue with the Addepar integration. Jobs were not being completed when the Start Date and End Date on the data query were the same days.
  • Black Diamond integration: Fixed an issue where certain clients were seeing a "Field Filter Validation Exception" error on running Black Diamond sync.
  • Tamarac integration: Fixed an issue to ensure assets are assigned to the related division of the Service owner.
  • Added multiple Apex Class permissions to permission sets: Users reported various system errors due to missing permissions.
  • Add ExternalID and Batch fields to objects: Two new fields, ExternalID and Batch, were added to the Account Team Member object to assist with keeping track of source data when performing data loads.
  • New Opened Date and Closed Date fields on Member Account: The Account Open Date and Account Close Date fields from Asset Liability have been deprecated, and references to these fields have been replaced on the Member Account record page with Opened Date and Closed Date fields. 
  • Salesforce Spring ‘23 fixes: We made minor CSS and code fixes required for the Salesforce Spring '23 update due in February 2023. 
  • New Report Type: A new Report Type for Entities and Primary Members has been included. 
  • New Propel Data Cleanup reports: Two new reports have been included to assist with data cleanups. Both reports allow you to locate missing data on the most important fields on either Entities or Deals. This makes it easier to improve data quality in the system by filling in the missing data. The Propel add-on is not required to run these reports.
    • Propel Data Cleanup - Entities
    • Propel Data Cleanup - Deals
  • Fixed issues on the Services page: Some clients were reporting multiple issues on the Services page:
    • The Select All button was only selecting visible records but not all records.
    • The Start a Process button was duplicated.
    • Record notification showed "All xx record(s) selected" when none were selected.
  • Resolved issue with Lookup Rollup Summaries: Multiple custom and packaged Lookup Rollup Summaries were not updating automatically across various database objects and needed to be run manually.  
  • Fixed the "Like" function on Feed: Fixed an issue where you could see your own likes on a Feed post but not other people’s likes.
  • Process actions - send notification error: An "Attempt to de-reference a null object" error was displayed when using the Notification action on a process task.
  • Client Stage update error message: Updated from the generic error message to a specific message when attempting to update a Client Stage to a custom value, as custom Client Stages are currently not supported out of the box.
  • Process Types for Prospects: Resolved an issue where Process Types related solely to Prospects did not display in the list of available processes for Prospects. 
  • Task Checklist not scrolling: Fixed an issue where the Checklist feature on tasks was not scrollable.
  • Asset/Liability Trigger changes: A number of issues were addressed in relation to the Asset/Liability Trigger:
    • Resolved an issue where the practifi_value_c field was updating with an incorrect field value and producing an error. 
    • Fixed an issue where rollup from Asset Liability Role to Asset Liability was controlled by the Asset Liability Rollups instead of Asset Liability Role Rollups trigger setting.
    • On the creation of a portfolio asset, generally via a portfolio data feed, the trigger creates an asset-based Service where one does not exist. This asset-based Service can now be overridden with a different asset-based Service. The Service field will be cleared where the Client owner of the asset is different from the owner of the Service, i.e. there is a mismatch between who owns the portfolio asset and who owns the portfolio account (Service).
  • Call section on Client Tear Sheet showing calls for all clients: Fixed an issue where the Related - Calls and Related - Events components on the Tear Sheet were showing all of the running user’s records rather than the client’s.
  • Event Sync issues: Fixed a few issues with Event sync regarding Apex heap size error, event creator vs. owner mismatch, sync of personal events and issues with negative event duration.
  • Primary Email checkbox: Fixed an issue where the Primary unchecking the Sync Event mailbox was not unchecking the Primary checkbox.
  • Select All for sync settings: Fixed an issue where the Select All checkboxes for Event Sync and Email Sync were not working.
  • Work Phone on Contact: Added a new Work Phone (practifi__Work_Phone__c) field on the Contact object. No automation has been added yet, and this is intended exclusively for clients experiencing our upgrade to the Lightning platform.
  • Process Task assignment: Fixed an issue where process tasks were assigned incorrectly for assignments determined by business role/servicing team roles. 
  • Complete Task action: Fixed a null pointer exception issue when trying to complete a task.
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