Cinsault Minor Release - March 2023



The following article covers what’s new in our Cinsault minor release to clarify what’s changed or what bugs have been resolved since our Cinsault major release as of March 2023. If you’re new to Practifi or our release documentation, please review our best practices for 📚 Using Practifi Release Notes

Included Changes

As of March 2023, teams will experience the following changes to their Practifi instance:

  • RMD calculation update: In line with the SECURE Act 2.0, which increased the age required to begin mandatory distributions to 73, we updated our RMD tracking functionality and help documentation. We've also made several related calculation improvements:

    • Last Year’s RMD Information fields now auto-populate at the beginning of a new calendar year.

    • This Year's RMD Information fields will be automatically cleared at the beginning of a new calendar year in preparation to be populated by the new year’s values.

    • Some of the RMD fields are now read-only for standard users.
  • Tagging another user in a Feed reply: We’ve resolved an issue with tagging other users in your firm, so you can now @-mention other users in Feed replies. Previously, @-mentions were working for initial Feed posts, but not for replies to a previous post.
  • Queue members can now complete Checklists and other Active Form Fields on tasks: Functionality has been extended so that when a task with a Checklist or other Active Form Field is assigned to a queue (group), any other members of a queue can also update the Checklist or Active Form field.
  • Mailing Labels for Organizations: The Replace Mailing Name with feature has been extended to work with Organization (non-Household) records. While end users can edit Mailing Label settings on a record-by-record basis, Practifi Administrators can define default display settings for Mailing Labels across the firm.
  • Task completion notification click-through: Previously, clicking on a task completion notification would return a "Page Not Available" error. This error has been resolved so that clicking on a task completion notification will:
    • Open the respective Entity record page if the task is related to an Entity alone or the Entity and two or more child records, or
    • Open the respective child record page if the task relates to an Entity with only one child record.
  • Display of Organization members in Client Overview: We've made changes to the logic for displaying member relationships for Organization records in response to client feedback and to prevent limit exception errors. This is particularly helpful when many Contact records exist for a single Organization, such as retirement fund participants or company employees. The Relationship Types settings in the Settings App control whether a member shows in the Client Overview. To have members shown in the Client Overview, you’ll need to do the following:
    • For Household members, set the Display In field to Key Records.
    • For Organization members, set the Display In field to Key Records and check the Key Relationship checkbox.
  • Updated Deliverables calculation: We resolved an issue where Deliverables with annual or greater frequencies would skip the current calendar period and only commence in the following period.
  • Recurring Deliverable Fulfilment Date: We’ve fixed an issue where the Last Fulfilment Date was not populating for Deliverables that were set to Recurring.
  • Phone field functionality: We've added a new Work Phone field and revamped the Preferred Phone functionality in response to client feedback:
    • A new Work Phone field has been added to Contact and Individual record pages to capture a work telephone number.
    • The generic Phone field has been removed as an input field from Contact and Individual record pages to prevent users from manually entering data into the field.
    • The Phone field will automatically populate in the background with data mapped from the Preferred Phone value (Home, Mobile, Other, Work). This Phone field will display against a person in the Contact Details section in the side panel of an Entity record, the Overview - Key Records - Members card and List views where Phone is a column.
    • Where existing clients have a manually entered input on the Phone field (i.e., not mapped via  Preferred Phone) prior to this release, the data will be mapped to the new Work Phone field.
    • Please note that if you have a customized (non-standard) layout for Household, Organization or Individual record pages, the Phone field won’t be removed automatically and will still accept manual input values. If Preferred Phone is null and a user chooses a value from the Preferred Phone picklist, their selection might overwrite previously entered data in the Phone field.
  • Updated Settings text: The Active checkbox on Process Type settings has been renamed to Visible to reduce confusion around the purpose of the setting:
    • If Visible is checked, the Process will be visible and selectable from the Start a Process action.
    • If Visible is unchecked, Process will not be visible or selectable from the Start a Process action.
    • If the Visible checkbox is not checked and the Enable Time-Based Commencement? checkbox is checked, the Process will not be selectable from the ‘Start a Process action‘; however, it will still fire automatically based on the Time-Based Commencement settings.
    • Default help text was added to the other Time-Based Commencement settings.
  • Adding an Individual record to a Household: We've addressed an issue where fields like Archived Activities were not passing through when adding an Individual to a Household.
  • Time tracking permission issue: We resolved an issue where some users that did not have the Practifi Time Tracking - User permission set could not complete a task.
  • Converting a Contact record to an Individual: We’ve resolved an issue where a conflict in the Preferred Phone field prevented the conversion of a Contact record to an Individual.
  • New Process delays: Some clients reported that new Processes took a long time between the success message and being made available on the screen. We have updated the timing logic so that a single Process will be created in real-time and made available immediately. Multiple Processes launched with the same action will continue to be processed asynchronously (i.e., placed in a queue and processed in the background).
  • Task filter set display: We've resolved an issue where an error message would display in lieu of the Task filters in the Management app.
  • Prefilled Date/Time Active Form Field: We’ve addressed an issue to ensure that prefilled custom Date/Time fields on an Active Form will populate as expected.
  • Missing Information tile for Households: Issues have been resolved where the Missing Information tile incorrectly displayed Households that appeared to have all the missing fields completed. These mistakes were mainly due to sync problems between Households and Contacts.


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