Removing a Dependent from a Household



They grow up so fast. When a client's child leaves the nest, you can remove them as a dependent from the Household record by converting them to an Individual. Optionally, you can create a custom relationship to connect their Individual record to the Household as their child. This article outlines how to convert a dependent member into their own Individual Key Entity record.

Converting a Dependent to an Individual

To convert a dependent member of a household to an individual contact:

  1. Navigate to the Household record with the dependent you want to remove.
  2. From the Household Members section of the Overview, click the name of the dependent to open their record in a new tab.
  3. From the right-hand side of the screen, click the caret and select Convert to Individual.


  4.  A window opens, asking you to confirm you want to convert the dependent to an Individual. Click Next.
  5. The screen refreshes. Click the pencil icon in the Primary Entity field, then click the X to remove the name of the Household record.


  6. Click away from the field, then scroll down and click Save.
    Please note: The Individual record is created as a contact. If you want them to be a Client record, you can first promote them to a Prospect record by using the Actions button in the record side panel and selecting the Promote to Prospect option. Once promoted to a Prospect, reselect the Actions button and select Promote to Client.
  7. On the child's record, click the X icon to close the subtab.
  8. On the Household record, select the People & Relationships icon.


  9. Locate the child on the Members list and select the caret icon in the furthest right column. 
  10. Select Delete from the drop-down menu. This will delete the contact's relationship to the household but will not delete the contact's record. 
  11. In the Delete Relationship pop-up, select Delete to finalize the deletion.
  12. The relationship can be recaptured under the Relationships subtab with a custom relationship type of Child if desired. For more information about creating a custom relationship type, please consult our Creating Relationship Types article.

When you refresh the Household record, the child no longer appears in the Household Members section. You can find the child's Individual record on the Directory page.

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