Cinsault Minor Release - April 2023



The following article covers what’s new in our Cinsault minor release to clarify what’s changed or what bugs have been resolved since our Cinsault major release as of April 2023. If you’re new to Practifi or our release documentation, please review our best practices for 📚 Using Practifi Release Notes

Included Changes

As of April 2023, teams will experience the following changes to their Practifi instance:

  • New read-only user profile and permission sets: We often receive requests to set up certain users as “view-only” or “read-only.” These users might be interns or auditors who need to be able to see records but don’t need to add or edit them.

    To that end, we’ve added new user profiles for Salesforce and Salesforce Platform licenses, respectively:

    • Practifi User - Salesforce (Read Only)
    • Practifi User - Salesforce Platform (Read Only)

We’ve also created two new permission sets:

    • Practifi - Salesforce objects & system - View
    • Practifi - Custom Objects, Fields & System - Read

Please note: Current clients will need to request the new user profiles and permission sets be manually deployed and enabled in their organization. If your firm is in need of these additions please reach out to our Practifi Support team.

  • New Cancel Process function: Sometimes, a process needs to be canceled part-way through rather than going through to completion. We’ve introduced a new option called Cancel Process to the Action menu on Process records. Selecting this action causes the process and all its related open tasks to be canceled.

    This feature has also been incorporated into the Mark as Lost Prospect and Mark as Lost Client workflows, where completing the action will cancel active processes and any open tasks related to the entity in question.
  • New Delete Process message: When a user attempts to delete a process, the system will now check if there are underlying tasks that are still open. If there are underlying open tasks, users will not be allowed to delete the Process record and will be alerted with a warning message. 

  • Due Date field now visible when logging a call: Previously, when making a record of a phone call using the Log a Call activity, the Due Date field would automatically populate in the background with the date of record creation and only be visible later when editing the Call record. We have now surfaced the Due Date field when users create a call record, allowing them to log calls with a backdated, present or future date. The Due Date field still defaults to the creation date.

  • Task notifications for Queues: When a task is assigned to a Queue or User Group, users now have the option to send out a Task Notification email and system notification to both Queue members and the Queue email defined in Queue settings.

    A new custom setting called
    When a record is assigned to a queue allows Practifi Administrators to choose between sending an email notification, system notification or both. This, combined with the email attributes on the Queue record, will define how the email/system notifications are sent.

  • Mailing labels for contacts: The Replace Mailing Name with feature has been extended to work with Contact records. You can now customize the display format of a contact’s name in the mailing label via a new custom setting called Default Mailing Name for Contacts that replaces the first line of a contact’s mailing label with the output of a specified formula field on the Contact object.

    You can also manually specify a mailing label for a single contact using the Replace Mailing Name with field if you need to override the formula-generated value. The value entered in this field is used to replace the first line of the contact’s mailing label.
  • Fixed attachments and images for Feed/Chatter posts: We’ve resolved some issues where:
    • Attachments on a Feed post were not visible (but could be opened), and
    • Images were being displayed as HTML tags.
  • Updated Active Services section on Overview: The Active Services section of Key Records will now only display services with a stage of Active. Service records with stages Terminated and Draft will no longer appear.

  • Date format fixed for reminders Deliverable reminders: When using the Deliverable Reminder feature on a Deliverable Type, the reminder task will now format the date portion in the subject of the Task record using the Locale settings of the organization.

    Please note
    : This fix only impacts newly created Task records; existing reminder tasks will not be updated.

  • Formatting issue fixed for Holding records on an Asset: Trailing zeros will now display for units in asset holdings, i.e., 42.1 will be displayed as 42.10 instead of being truncated.

  • Display error fixed in community portals on mobile devices: Previously, accessing a data table in either portrait or landscape mode would generate an error.

  • Resolved an error related to Deep Clone action on Process records: We fixed an issue where attempting to deep clone an Action on a Process Task with an assignment type of Assign to Process Owner would generate an error.

  • Resolved an error related to the Promote to Client action: We fixed an issue where users were unable to promote a record they did not own in their Division from a Prospect to a Client.

  • Flows now overrideable: We’ve modified a range of pre-packaged Practifi Flows to make them overrideable, meaning they’re much easier to copy and modify where needed:
    • Business_Dev_Action_Mark_as_Deal_Accepted
    • Business_Dev_Action_Mark_as_LOI_Signed
    • Business_Dev_Life_Cycle_Consider_for_Acquisition
    • Business_Dev_Life_Cycle_Mark_as_Acquired
    • Business_Dev_Life_Cycle_Mark_as_Contender
    • Business_Dev_Life_Cycle_Move_to_Onboarding
    • Business_Dev_Life_Cycle_Put_on_Hold
    • Business_Dev_Life_Cycle_Start_Due_Diligence
    • Change_Deal_Status
    • Create_Bell_Notification
    • Determine_Client_Engagement_Band
    • Entity_Life_Cycle_Change_Influencer_Segment
    • Entity_Life_Cycle_Manage_Other_Definitions
    • Entity_Life_Cycle_Promote_to_Client
    • Entity_Life_Cycle_Promote_to_Prospect
    • Mass_Action_Deal_Change_Close_Date
    • Mass_Action_Entity_Change_Client_Stage
    • Mass_Action_Entity_Change_Influencer_Segment
    • Mass_Action_Reassign_Owner
    • Mass_Action_Task_Process_Change_Due_Date
    • New_Record_Deposit
    • New_Record_Refer_for_Advice
    • New_Record_Relationship
    • New_Record_Risk_Profile
    • Practifi_Delete_Email_Messages
    • Practifi_New_Record_Client_Entity_Relationship
    • Practifi_New_Record_Excluded_Address
    • Practifi_Record_Action_Event_Log_Time
    • Process_Type_New_Action
    • Process_Type_New_Outcome
    • Process_Type_New_Process_Task
    • Record_Action_Task_Log_Time
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