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As Practifi clients, your firm benefits from regular product upgrades. In addition to our own Practifi product releases, Salesforce has seasonal product releases you can also take advantage of. The Salesforce Summer ‘23 release, which rolled out in June 2023, includes an assortment of new features for your Practifi instance. Read on to learn more about what’s new, what’s changed and what items might impact your organization.

Summer '23 Release Benefits

The Summer '23 Release introduces a number of enhancements:

  • Improved performance in multiple areas, such as when viewing all the records in a related list, opening certain record pages and viewing Practifi Propel analytics.

  • Better personalization options for dashboards, with images and rich text available as dashboard widgets (previously called components).

  • Several enhancements to the calendar experience, including support for more events on-screen, more precise drag-and-drop rescheduling and better visibility over events that took place in the past.

  • Better alignment of fields on record pages, meaning fields now stay in line with their neighbors on the same row even when their heights differ. This enhancement will be delivered to Practifi’s record pages in July but can be enabled locally by administrators as soon as your organization receives Summer '23.

  • More precise controls over who can send emails from your organization-wide email addresses, with support for allocating addresses based on permission sets.

Potential Summer '23 Release Impacts

Sometimes Salesforce releases can affect existing behavior in Practifi organizations depending on how they've been configured and customized. We’ve highlighted the release items that may have an impact in the following table:

Release item Pay attention if... What to do
New Process Creation Is No Longer Available ...you’re a regular user of Process Builder when it comes to enabling automation in your Practifi instance.

Nothing changes with your existing Process Builder work, but new automation will need to be delivered using Flow Builder. Start learning about all the awesome things that Flow Builder makes possible with Trailhead.

Prepare for the Move to Salesforce Edge Network

Please note: Salesforce Edge Network improves performance by directing requests to the closest Salesforce location where Salesforce Edge Network is deployed, instead of sending them directly to the Salesforce data center.

See What is Salesforce Edge Network? for more information.

...your Practifi instance only allows specific IP addresses access, or your instance does not have Enhanced Domains enabled, or you have a Practifi Portal that uses a custom domain.

See Considerations for Salesforce Edge Network for more information.

Follow the steps outlined in the considerations article as per your instance’s requirements.

Please reach out to your Practifi contact if you have any questions or need assistance.

Enable Faster Account Sharing Recalculation by Not Storing Case and Contact Implicit Child Shares


Please note: To improve performance, Salesforce is changing the way automatic account sharing recalculation works behind the scenes for the Case and Contact objects. We no longer store implicit child share records between accounts and their child case and contact records. Instead, the system determines whether users can access child case and contact records when they try to access them.

...you’ve customized your Practifi organization in such a way that relies on Contact share records existing, such as querying them with SOQL or referencing them in Apex code.

Refer to this Salesforce Help article for suggested workarounds. This update is not being enforced until the Winter '24 release later in the year, so no immediate change is required.



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