Cinsault Minor Release - July 2023



The following article covers what's new in our Cinsault minor release to clarify what's changed or what bugs have been resolved since our Cinsault major release as of July 2023. If you're new to Practifi or our release documentation, please review our best practices for 📚 Using Practifi Release Notes

Included Changes

As of July 2023, teams will experience the following changes to their Practifi instance:

  • Salesforce Summer 23 release - Align Fields Horizontally in Field Sections: One of the Salesforce updates for the Summer '23 release makes it possible to align fields horizontally in field sections by using a new property called Align Fields Horizontally on the Dynamic Forms Field Section components. It prevents fields in multicolumn Field Sections from collapsing upward when there's a gap due to differences in field heights. Fields remain horizontally aligned with their neighbors in the same row. 
  • Spouse data not syncing from Practifi to Xplan: Resolved an issue when manually syncing data for Household client records from Practifi to Xplan using the Send to Xplan action or performing an overnight sync where Spouse data was not syncing if the related Primary Client was already synced earlier. 
  • Updated message when Grouped Task Actions are completed: We have updated the success message when completing a Grouped Task - tasks grouped so the system ensures that the overarching process will not be complete until all these tasks are completed. The previous message confused some users due to looking too close to an error message. The notification indicates to the user that the action will not be completed as part of the task execution until all the remaining predecessor tasks have also been completed. 
  • Applying search criteria to a list view deselects pre-selected records: We resolved an issue where applying search or filter criteria to a list view deselects any pre-selected records. A design update has been made on the list view header. This new design will display the following:
    • The total number of records selected in the list view.
    • Number of records that will display in the list view based on the applied search or filter criteria. 
    • The total number of records within the list view when no filter or search criteria are applied.
  • Null Pointer Exception for LogStageHistory method: Resolved an issue where a Null Pointer Exception error would display when logging a Stage History record for Process Stage changes. 
  • Updated page layout for New Setup Bundles: Task Type, Priority and Status fields on the Task Template layout were updated during the previous minor release, Cinsault Minor Release - May 2023. As part of this minor release, we have surfaced them to display on the page layout for New Setup Bundles to maintain consistency with the Task Template layout and to avoid errors when saving. The fields displayed are as follows:
    • Priority - This has been made mandatory with a default value of 'Normal.' 
    • Status - This has been made mandatory with a default value of 'Not Started.'
    • Task Type
  • Enhanced Validation Rule when closing a process: Although the Stage field on the Process object is read-only, it is editable to System Administrator users. This enhanced validation rule will ensure that a process cannot be closed or completed with underlying open tasks. The Process Stage can be manually updated as Complete once the underlying tasks have been completed or canceled. The Process Stage can also be set automatically as a Task Action.
    • Please note: We have added help text to the Stage field on the Process object. There is a known issue with deploying inline help text for custom fields with lookup filters for existing Practifi users, and this deployment will have to be performed manually. New Practifi organizations are not affected by this limitation.
  • Microsoft 365 Email Sync User Exclusion List being applied to all users: Resolved an issue where email addresses added to the Microsoft Email Sync Exclusion List at the user level were carried over to the firm level. 
  • Overview navigation icon fix: Fixed an issue where accessing a related list on an entity such as Servicing Team would sometimes move the Overview navigation icon. 
  • Keep Servicing Team option on change of entity owner: We resolved an issue when changing the entity owner using the Change Owner action and opting to Keep Servicing Team would not retain the related Business Role.
  • Add an individual to a Household record - Issue with Missing Information custom settings: Resolved an unhandled fault exception error which could display when adding an individual to an existing Household record due to the field mapping set in Missing Information custom settings. 
  • Updated JSON tile query: We resolved an issue where a component error could display on the Home page for data table components of custom tiles by updating the filter criteria from OwnerId = [RECORD] to OwnerId = [USER]. 
  • Hide columns and filters for users with no Read permission: Resolved an issue where a component error would display when a user did not have Read permissions for a field used as a search or filter field. The column and filter in the list view will now be hidden for users without Read permissions for those fields. 
  • Follow-up task Subject field special character support: Resolved an issue where an error message would display when creating follow-up tasks on an existing task that includes special characters in the Subject field. This has now been fixed across email messages, events and tasks. 
    • Please note: While other special characters are supported, the task's Subject field will not support the % character. 
  • Number format update for non-managed assets: Fixed the number format for non-managed assets displayed in the Overview component to have the negative numbers displayed in the same format as positive numbers. 
  • Save and Cancel buttons now appear next to an inline edit field: We resolved an issue with CSS override to have Save and Cancel buttons appear near an inline edit field instead of moving to the bottom of the page. 
  • Component JSON and relation resolutions: In this minor release, we have refined the JSON within components and resolved errors with component relations. The following changes have been made:
    • The Client Directory in the Client Service app had an incorrect component relation of Advisor - Client Directory - My Lost Clients. This has been resolved to link the correct component, Client Service - Client Directory - My Lost Clients
    • The Team Member - Client Directory - My Lost Clients component in the Team Member app had incorrect filters and was filtering results to display records with a Team Member role of "Financial Advisor." This is now fixed, and the incorrect filter has been removed. 
  • Disposed Holdings included in Asset Value: An issue is resolved where Disposed Assets were not included in the Asset value rollup instantaneously. The value is only updated once the user performs an edit on the Asset record and saves the record changes.
  • Issue with Map to Record value clearing on Contact Point object related to contacts within a primary entity: Resolved an error with the Map to Record field value on a household member's Contact Point record that clears data when a similar kind of Contact Point record and Map to Record data is created on another household member within the same Household or Organization record. This fix will only apply to new records. Existing Contact Point records will need to be updated manually. 
  • Division-wide views filter incorrectly: We enhanced the filter criteria for the My Division's Clients app page tables across all product apps. The list view will display Client records while basing their Related Division on the running users' division(s) membership. It will display Client records belonging to the running user's primary division and other divisions where they are a member. 
  • Records in 'My Lost Clients' not displaying properly: Fixed an issue on the 'My Lost Clients' page view across all product apps. When an entity has a Servicing Team Member with a Role of either Client Service or Compliance, the record did not display in the 'My Lost Clients' page view in their designated role-based app. Client Service and Compliance users will now see the 'My Lost Clients' page view.
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