What to Know about Salesforce Winter '24



As Practifi clients, your firm benefits from regular product upgrades. In addition to our own Practifi product releases, Salesforce has seasonal product releases you can also take advantage of. The Salesforce Winter '24 release, coming in October 2023, includes an assortment of new features for your Practifi instance. Read on to learn more about what’s new, what’s changed and what items might impact your organization.

Winter '24 Release Benefits

The Winter '24 Release introduces a number of enhancements:

Potential Winter '24 Release Impacts

Sometimes Salesforce releases can affect existing behavior in Practifi organizations depending on how they've been configured and customized. We’ve highlighted the release items that may have an impact in the following table:

Release item What it means What to do
Require Sender Name and Email Address to Send Chatter Email Notifications (Release Update) Chatter emails are no longer sent from orgs where the From Name and Email Address fields in Chatter Email Settings are blank.

If your firm uses Chatter email notifications, be sure to specify a From Name and Email Address in Salesforce Setup > Feature Settings > Chatter > Email Settings.

News, Automated Account Fields and Account Logos Are Being Retired The News, automated account fields and automated account logo features are being retired in all Salesforce organizations. After these account features are retired, the News component is removed from page layouts.

There's nothing you need to do. We’re using this opportunity to give the Home page a new feature, replacing the News tab with your company’s Chatter feed. Expect to see this change roll out in the weeks leading up to the release.


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