Petit Verdot Minor Release - November 2023



The following article covers what's new in our Petit Verdot minor release to clarify what's changed or what issues have been resolved since our Petit Verdot major release as of November 2023. If you're new to Practifi or our release documentation, please review our best practices for 📚 Using Practifi Release Notes

Included Changes

As of November 2023, teams will experience the following changes to their Practifi instance:

  • New Black Diamond relationship API: Practifi now integrates with the Black Diamond Portfolio Detail Search API (application programming interface). This provides an alternate API for firms wanting to seamlessly flow their clients’ Black Diamond portfolio data into Practifi.
    This new API uses Relationship as the key record rather than Portfolio ID, overcoming some limitations on record ordering and filtering that were causing Salesforce Heap Size errors.
    If you currently integrate Black Diamond with Practifi and are not encountering errors (errors may display if you have 10,000+ portfolio records), there is nothing teams will need to do, and you may continue using the existing Legacy Portfolio API.
    Please note: There are no differences in data points between the APIs. If you're interested in changing to the new API, please contact Practifi Support.
  • Microsoft 365 two-way event sync re-enabled: The two-way sync between Microsoft events and Practifi events was previously disabled after a number of issues were uncovered. The option to use two-way sync has been enabled again in this release. Some key features:
    • Ability to sync future-dated events:
      • Microsoft to Practifi: This is controlled by the Future Inbound Event Sync Range in Years setting.
      • Practifi to Microsoft: This is controlled by a new Future Outbound Event Sync in Months setting. This will limit the number of months that future events are synchronized.
    • Ability to sync past-dated (historical) events:
      • Microsoft to Practifi: This is controlled by the Commencement Date setting.
      • Practifi to Microsoft: Historical events will not sync from Practifi to Microsoft.
    • Race condition bug fix: Microsoft will be the source of truth for the sync, and therefore if the same fields are updated in both Practifi and Microsoft (such as Attendees list, Subject, etc.) Microsoft changes will override Practifi changes. Previously, Practifi changes were overriding the Microsoft changes if made within the same sync cycle. 
    • Attendees list bug fix: Practifi is only able to display a maximum of 50 attendee names for meetings. Where there are more than 50 attendees, they will all still be synchronized within Microsoft. Previously, if a meeting had over 50 attendees, the ones listed above 50 received meeting cancellation notices. 
    • IMPORTANT: The Practifi event sync to Microsoft is trigger-based, so any future-dated events will only sync to Microsoft after an insert/update/delete action is made on the Practifi Event record. This means if you are enabling two-way event sync for the first time, existing future-dated Practifi event records that fit within the Future Outbound Event Sync in Months (automatically set to 24 months) setting will not automatically sync to Microsoft unless those Practifi events are edited in some manner and then re-saved. Note that updates made to the attendees list in Practifi will not trigger an updated sync to Microsoft.
  • Addepar API enhancement: We have updated the API used to retrieve Addepar portfolios from the Sync API (used for the Refresh Addepar Client List function) and Async API (used for scheduled portfolio imports) to the Addepar Jobs API. This will resolve issues where the feed could fail or time out when Addepar server traffic is high. 
  • Links to Practifi Success articles in Additional Features: On the Additional Features page in the Settings app, we've added hyperlinks to detailed guides in the Practifi Success knowledge base for both Security Check and RMD Management.
  • Goal visibility on Additional Features is now permission-based: The Goals option will now only appear on the Additional Features page in Settings if the Practifi - Additional Features - Goal permission set is applied.
  • General performance upgrades: Some users were reporting increased page load times and general performance lags following the upgrade to our latest major release. We identified some issues with Active Forms and have made various tweaks and upgrades to address Active Form field latency issues.
  • Topic Rollup fix: Contacts/Household members were incorrectly inheriting Topics entered on their parent Entity/Household.
  • Business Development App fix: We removed the ability to apply the Consider for Acquisition action to Households when using the Business Development app, as it is not intended for use with Households and was displaying an unhandled fault error.
  • Chatter Feed Utility Component display fix: The Chatter Feed Utility Item component under the Lightning App Builder can be used to access the Chatter feed from any page rather than going to the object-specific feed. We updated the CSS for this component so it displays correctly. 
  • New Process Task Assignment Email Notification setting: Users were still receiving email notifications when assigned a process-related task, even when the Task Assignment email notification setting for the Organization and Personal email settings were set to Off. We've introduced a new per-user setting—Send emails when assigned workflow tasks—to control task assignment emails for workflow tasks. When the setting is enabled on a user's record page (accessed via the back-end User Setup screen), they receive an email whenever assigned a workflow task, either a templated task or one within a process.
    Please note: The setting for non-workflow task email notifications can be found under the Calendar & Reminders/Activity Reminders section of User Settings. Unfortunately, it was not possible to position the two settings adjacent to each other.
  • Add Individual to new Household fix: We resolved an issue where adding an Individual record to a Household was causing an unhandled fault error when Duplicate Rules were enabled. A fix has been applied to bypass the Duplicate Rules where they are enabled.
  • Servicing Team fix: Using the Change Owner function on a Client record provides the user with options to also update related records, including whether to keep or remove the existing Servicing Team. Choosing not to retain the team clears out the Servicing Team members from the client record as expected on the UI. However, the values were not also being cleared from the underlying data table. 
  • Promote to Client fix: Some organizations with Sharing Rules enabled encountered an error when using the Promote to Client action when the related Deal/Service Type contained a Deliverable record. We have updated the DeliverableAutomation class from with sharing to without sharing to prevent the error from occurring.
  • Time-Based Commencement Process fix: We have resolved an issue where Processes with Time-Based Commencement could result in SOQL Limit errors. We now run the Process job in a batch, thereby doubling the SOQL limit. Even with this increased limit, we recommend any associated local flows be optimized where possible.
  • Mailing Label for Organizations fix: We have resolved an issue where the Organization Name was duplicated when the Replace Mailing Name With field was used, as the Mailing Label field was replacing both the Primary Member and the Entity names.
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