What to Know about Salesforce Summer '24



As Practifi clients, your firm benefits from regular product upgrades. In addition to our own Practifi product releases, Salesforce has seasonal product releases you can also take advantage of. The Salesforce Summer ‘24 release, coming in June 2024, includes an assortment of new features for your Practifi instance. Read on to learn more about what’s new, what’s changed and what else you should be aware of.

Summer '24 Release Benefits

The Summer '24 Release introduces a number of enhancements:

Potential Summer '24 Impacts

Sometimes, Salesforce releases can affect existing behavior in Practifi organizations depending on how they've been configured and customized. We’ve highlighted the release items that may have an impact:

  • Salesforce Admins Get In-App Reminders If MFA Is Turned Off: If your firm has yet to enable multi-factor authentication (MFA), then System Administrators can expect to see regular pop-up reminders from Salesforce.

  • Create and Verify Your Default No-Reply Organization-Wide Email Address to Send Email: If your firm sends emails from Practifi using an Organization-Wide Email Address that you don’t want users replying to (such as no-reply@firmname.com), then you’ll need to verify that email address by the Winter '25 release, scheduled for October. Otherwise, those emails will no longer be delivered. To verify the email address, you simply have to click a verification link in an email sent to that address.

  • Allow the New Setup Domain: If your firm’s IT team manages a domain allowlist, they must add a new domain for Salesforce’s Setup pages to allow continued access. This is to comply with Google’s Privacy Sandbox initiative, which starts to affect Chrome users in early 2024. This was also a part of the Spring '24 release, but the staggered rollout of the change continues through this release period.

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