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Allow editing of task staging without going to the edit task screen

The process of changing the stage related to tasks seems inefficient given the frequency with which it needs to be edited relative to the rest of a tasks contents. Would it be possible to simply click on the box beneath 'Stage' and then have either a drop down of the various stages to choose from or even simply rotate through the various stages. After which you will be able to save the stage as a button will appear next to 'Edit'.




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    Hi Brent and welcome to our new Idea Space.

    The space provides a direct connection to our product design team, making sure your voice is heard all the way to the team preparing each release. You can vote for your own ideas (and encourage others to support them as well). Check  here for updates and remember to look at the other ideas and offer support or suggestions (and votes) on them too.

    Thanks for your contribution, your suggestion is a good one and certainly one I'm happy to endorse for consideration. 

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  • Great idea Brent.

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  • Hi Brent- we're excited to announce our upcoming November release will include an update with task complete buttons: 

    'Task list views and record pages now contain a ‘Complete’ button that updates the Task Stage in one click. Just wait 'till you try this - it's a game changer for your day-to-day productivity! If the Task is part of a Process and has defined Outcomes, then you will be able to select your desired outcome before the task is completed. Just another way we're making it easier for you to power through tasks and drive efficiency for your team' 

    The team had a demo today of the functionality and it was met with great enthusiasm. Looking forward to your continued feedback - thanks for our highest rated suggestion! (14 votes!!)

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  • This will be a great update!

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