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Notification of tasks on due date

We currently receive an email when a task is created under our name, or when a task is completed. 

It would be helpful to receive an email notification when a task hits its due date.



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    Hi Rob,

    Email notifications can be a tricky beast but we're happy to take a look. That said, we actively try to encourage our clients not to rely on email for notifications (so messy), instead use the Snapshot Tiles.

    Keep an eye out for updates here.

    Adrian J

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  • Hi Adrian

    Understand your comments about email notifications.

    Being a fan of David Allen's GTD methodology, I am looking to capture personal and business interactions in Practifi (to which I will attach tasks as needed) so that I have one integrated "Life CRM" rather than managing business and personal life priorities in separate systems.

    Hopefully, the future would also include task/reminder notifications on my iPhone. 



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  • We're also interested in due-date notifications, preferably by email.

    The current method (snapshot tiles) assumes the user is already on-platform to see them.

    Email notifications for due / overdue tasks would bring them into the platform to continue their task.

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  • I'd also like task reminders, other than the snapshot tiles.

    In previous systems (XPLAN, Midwinter, Infusionsoft, pop up reminders could be put on tasks if required which was extremely useful in managing time critical tasks.



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  • Thanks everyone! We're exploring a few different deliveries of this and we're trying to deep dive into what is possible. There are some configuration adjustments you can do individually - like trigger email notifications, and we have some clients who create an additional tile or notification - but it seems everyone has slightly different delivery preferences. 

    In addition we have a few requests about making tasks urgent or somehow filtering to the top. We'll keep you updated here as we progress our planning. 

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  • Our team would love this feature too. If an email isn't possible, maybe an alert is?

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