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Interaction with multiple team members to appear in Analytics

Being able to add multiple team members to an interaction (e.g. Meeting) has been a great improvement.  We note however that the Analytics > Interactions page is only recognising the primary team member on the interaction.



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    Hi Rob,

    We're glad to hear you like 'Parties' on Interactions - it was a popular request and we can already hardly remember a time without it. Thanks for your suggestion on extending the value of this feature further. Keep watch here for updates and remember to encourage others to vote it up.

    Adrian J

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  • This is a good idea and would definitely be good to see!

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  • Two team members attend a client meeting but only one person is credited with the meeting in Analytics (i.e. the person that "owns" the meeting interaction).

    This is a significant deficiency when it comes to activity tracking.  

    Please consider this asap.



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