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Users would benefit from the Search Bar having a static set of grouping order (i.e. Client Entities, People, Tasks, Interactions, etc.), so that they don't accidently select the wrong option. Current usage regularly leads to clicking on a Person instead of the assumed Client Entity (or vice versa), due to the search groupings arriving in different orders each time.






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    Hi Alyssa, 

    A few notes on search and where we have some flexibility: 

    In your example above we can put these categories in a set order and I think in this case they are in the same order. Example: clients results first, prospect results second. 

    In the first screenshot more results are pulled back because more items match the search term. In the second screenshot we don't have any prospect names matching the term so prospects as a grouping don't appear altogether. This may be the confusion? 

    An additional option is to select either advanced or simple search that can be configured based on preference. If you really want to control what results come through we can limit the results further. 

    In addition when you access the search bar and type nothing we return recent results - might help! 

    Thank you

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