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Linking Scope to Service

We've really started to us Scope and Service through Practifi. We're using an Annual Engagement model with clients and clearly agreeing on Scope of work. It would be great if we can link Scope to a particular Service. For example, a client will engage us for 12 months and during that 12 months we have a agreed on a number of scope of work items. During the year, the client needs our help with an out of scope matter. We would generate a separate Terms of Engagement (TOE) to deal with this one item and the TOE will state the scope of work and the fee associated. In order to be able to distinguish this scope of work, we would need to be able to link it to the "project" Service that has been created, over and above the "Annual Engagement" Service we already have for the client.

Essentially the client will have 2 x Active Services, "Annual Engagement" and "Project", for which we should be able to identify which scope of work relates to what Service.

I understand this can be done via Prospects, but we find it to be of greater value at a Client level. We understand this cannot be done at Client level.

Would anyone else find this useful? Especially as we believe this would help significantly with compliance.



  • I am surprised nobody commented.  I am trying to use Scope now and it shows as unauthorized.  How do you go about getting it authorized to use at the client service level?

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  • I've had a quick look Rick, however I can't recall how we did it. Best to ask Practifi. You need to authorise at a firm level and then at an adviser level from memory.

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