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Deliverables Fulfillment

We would like an option to have Deliverables that didn't get fulfilled before the due date stay past due and not re-calculate to the next due date until they are fulfilled. When an overdue Deliverable gets fulfilled, we would like the next due date to calculate based on the last fulfillment date. 

For us Deliverables that didn't get fulfilled on time become due ASAP (for example, if a quarterly review meeting didn't happen before 3/31, we still need to meet with that client ASAP. The next due date in that case should re-calculate counting from the time the Deliverable eventually gets fulfilled).



  • agree with this. The deliverable simply rolling when the due date is passed causes the meeting requirement with the client to fall off our radar. In real world practice, we still need to meet with that client, and having the deliverable fall off the map and roll forward when it wasn't actually fulfilled almost makes using deliverables unusable.

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  • I totally agree. The way it works now creates more problems than it solves. Please fix this.

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  • We have opted to not utilize deliverables until this functionality is fixed.

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