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Custom Actions in Entity Action Menu

Nevermind. This is possible, but it's not documented by Practifi on how to achieve it. I've created grossly over-simplified documentation for this below, and what I've done may not work for everyone. Practifi should create official documentation on this process.

Solution Steps:
1. Create a Component record in the Practifi Settings like this:

2. Fill out the Component Form.. something like this:

2. Copy this [sample] JSON code for a starting point. Enter the API name of your flow into the flowName property below.

  "component": {
    "attributes": {
      "version": "1.0",
      "componentType": "actionMenu"
    "properties": {
      "title": "Other",
      "visibleButtons": 1,
      "actions": [
          "label": "Label for Custom Action",
          "actionType": "flow",
          "params": {
            "flowName": "custom_flow_name",
            "successMessage": "custom success message",
            "flowParams": {
            "recordId": "[RECORDID]"

3. Edit your Entity lightning page, click on the "Entity - Definitions and Actions" component, then enter the config name as the name of your new Action Menu Component

Original Post:

I need to allow users to trigger screen flows by clicking a button. But I want to allow users to initiate custom screen flows from an Entity record without adding additional action buttons to the existing entity record page and further disrupting that UI.

For example, maybe I have a flow that can use the PreciseFP API to send the client a secure form to fill out, but I need a convenient way for my users to go ahead and do that easily. Below I've edited the source HTML in the browser to visualize what that result might look like:

Possible solution? Allow the existing Action Menu to be modified with JSON on an "Action Menu" component record, much like other action menu components are managed. In that JSON, allow admins to just specify the api name of the flow they want to run when the user clicks that link.




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