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This document is a detailed reference to the data objects and fields within the Practifi application on the Salesforce platform.

Practifi’s data model comprises data objects in four categories:

  1. Salesforce Standard Objects: standard objects that are common to all Salesforce instances, with custom Practifi fields.
  2. Primary Objects: custom objects in the Practifi managed package for core transactional data records.
  3. Reference Objects: custom objects in the Practifi managed package for categorical information that describes transactional data.
  4. Practifi Settings: custom settings for configuration data.

All of Practifi’s custom fields, its custom objects and its custom settings are contained within the Practifi managed package, and their API-level attributes are locked down when the package is installed into a Salesforce instance. This gives backward compatibility assurance and allows Practifi customers to integrate and extend Practifi with confidence.

Practifi uses the namespace prefix cloupra, which is prepended to the API name of custom fields, custom objects and custom settings.

This document is aimed at a technical audience who understands Salesforce standard and custom objects, Practifi’s functionality and the fundamentals of relational databases.

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