Analytics & Reporting Overview - SPA


Practifi's analytics and reporting engine is hugely configurable and customisable. It gives you a consolidated view of all clients, processes, deals and revenue across the business. By running your business on Practifi, you can lift your reporting out of separate systems and Excel sheets into a consolidated single view. All of this powerful functionality is available in the Analytics  tab.

Practifi analytics and reports are flexible, allowing you to focus on the metrics that are important to your business. For example, whether you want to track the workload and output of your paraplanning team, manage multiple lodgement processes, or see the most recent client touch points, Practifi analytics can be configured to expose the most relevant information in ways that suit your business. 

In addition to powerful report generation, Practifi analytics also bridges the gap between reporting and management, permitting changes to be made to live data in the analytics module. Analytics and charts are updated in real time as changes to the data are made. This allows modelling, forecasting and sales meetings to occur live in Practifi, eliminating double keying of information. 

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