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There could be many scenarios where you want to delete records because of failed data load or records of inactive users.

Deleting records can quickly become a complex exercise because you need to ensure you first delete any child records. 

The Deep Delete feature allows you to delete records and all underlying child records with a simple click, so you don’t have to manually delete child records first. 

**Warning! The delete function is permanent and cannot be undone so always double-check that you are removing only the intended records**

Using Deep Delete

You can use deep delete to delete the following records:

  1. Clients
  2. Prospects
  3. Providers
  4. Client Entities
  5. Services
  6. Opportunities

You can use deep delete from DivisionTeam Member, and Data Management view in Clients, Prospects, Providers, Client Entities, Services, and Opportunities list pagesYou can select a number of records and flag them for deletion. A warning message will be displayed, upon confirmation, all the selected records will be deleted.
When you are in Client View, you can deep delete Client Entities, Advice Services, and Opportunities from the sidebar.

The deep delete process may take some time, and you will know it has completed by the arrival of a notification message in the bell   icon. You can check the number of records being deleted or failed by clicking on the notification.

Deep deleting a client, client entity, prospect, or provider record will delete all the child records including relationships, people, client entities, interactions, services, opportunities, processes, tasks, goals, recommendations, time entries, installments, income, expenses, assets & liabilities.

Deep delete
will only delete the child records, for example, if you delete a client or a client entity that has a parent client, deep delete will not delete the parent client.
However, if you deep delete a Client record, deep delete will not delete child clients


From the above hierarchy, if you deep delete the Client, the Client Entities will get deleted but not the Child Clients and its related child entities.

If a person is related to two or more clients and you deep delete one client, then only the relationship between the client and the person will be deleted not the person.

By default, all only Admin Users will have the permission for Deep Delete, but it could be given to any user by assigning the permission from the permission set.

How to enable deep delete for a user?

  1. From the user menu, select Salesforce Setup.

  2. From the sidebar, select Users. Select the user to whom you want to assign the deep delete permission.


  3. Go to Permission Set assignments and select Edit Assignments.

  4. Now assign the "Practifi Deep Delete Records" permission and select Save.

Now the user will have permission to use deep delete functionality.


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