Understanding and Using the Practifi Mobile App



The Practifi mobile app allows users to access their Practifi instance while "on the go" through their smartphone device. This article outlines downloading and accessing the Practifi mobile app and key functionality within the Practifi mobile experience.

What is the Practifi Mobile App?

The Practifi mobile app uses the Salesforce app to provide you with on-the-go access to your firm's information in your Practifi organization. The Practifi mobile experience puts your organization in your pocket, helping you work from any location to capture important information. 

Rather than existing as a copy of your Practifi information that later syncs over, the Practifi mobile app is direct access to your Practifi organization with the records created through the app that other team members can access immediately on their mobile devices or their computer. The mobile app version of Practifi is best used when on the go to capture information when you are away from your desktop and is not designed to replace the desktop version of Practifi.

Users have access to their upcoming tasks and calendar within the mobile app, giving them a clear picture of their schedule and preparing them for the day ahead. Client and prospect record information are available within the app to view any basic information while on the go and any associated tasks and activities for these records. Users can easily log calls and use talk-to-text to add meeting notes directly from the app and later access the information from their computer browser. 

Downloading the App 

To download the Practifi mobile app, search for the Salesforce app on the Google Play or Apple App store, depending on your mobile device's operating system. Download this app to your mobile device.


Assigning Mobile App Permissions

For your firm's users to access the Practifi Mobile App, they will need the Practifi - Assigned Apps - Team Member Mobile permission added to their Practifi user profile. This permission allows them to access the Team Member app on their mobile device. To add this permission:

  1. In Practifi on your desktop, select the Setup cog in the upper right-hand corner and select Setup from the drop-down menu that displays. This will open Salesforce Setup.

    Screenshot 2024-03-11 at 12.56.26 PM.png

  2. In Salesforce Setup, use the Quick Find search bar on the left-hand side to search for and select Permission Sets

    Screenshot 2024-03-11 at 12.59.04 PM.png

  3. On the list of available permission sets, scroll down to locate the Practifi - Assigned Apps - Team Member Mobile permission and select its hyperlinked label.

    Screenshot 2024-03-11 at 1.02.24 PM.png

  4. Select the Manage Assignments button at the top of the permission set overview page.

    Screenshot 2024-03-11 at 1.03.51 PM.png

  5. Select the Add Assignment button on the right-hand side.

    Screenshot 2024-03-11 at 1.09.24 PM.png

  6. Select the individual checkboxes beside the names of the users that you would like to have access to the Practifi Mobile app, or select the checkbox in the header to select all users in your organization. 

    Screenshot 2024-03-11 at 1.12.23 PM.png

  7. Click the Next button in the bottom right-hand corner to proceed. 

    Screenshot 2024-03-11 at 1.12.44 PM.png

  8. Select the Assign button in the bottom right-hand corner to apply this permission.

    Screenshot 2024-03-11 at 1.15.49 PM.png

  9. A permission assignment summary will display showing successful or unsuccessful assignments of the permission set. Users with the permission set successfully applied will be ready to access the Practifi Mobile App.

Logging into the App

  1. Select the Salesforce app on your mobile device. 
  2. Enter your Practifi username and password on the log-in screen. 


  3. If required, verify your identity by entering the code sent to your email. 
  4. Once successfully logged in for the first time, select the Getting Started button on the screen and grant access to your calendar, if prompted. Select the calendars you would like the app to have access to, and select Save to finalize this access. 

Using the Practifi Mobile App

The following sections outline how to use the mobile app's functionality and assume that the app is downloaded to your device. While the mobile app helps capture information while out of the office, it is not designed to replace the desktop experience of Practifi. Some functionality will not be available in the mobile app, and it is best practice to manage records, such as deletions and large edits, in the desktop version of Practifi.

Accessing Firm Information

Your firm's records are available for access and viewing within the Practifi mobile app. When first logging into the Practifi mobile experience, the first page users encounter is your Today or Home page. These pages are your launching point to start your work on the go. They display your most recently accessed records, the News feature, your calendar, and any recently accessed dashboards or reports. The Today page will display your firm's information at a glance, with Client or Prospect information and their related records able to be accessed through searching.


Client or Prospect Information

To view Client or Prospect records: 

  1. Select the Search magnifying glass icon in the mobile app's upper right-hand corner.


  2. Use the search bar to search for the Client or Prospect's name and select their entity record from the results displayed. 


  3. Selecting the entity record will open the record and display the corresponding menus mirroring the subtabs that display within your Practifi organization. For example, selecting the Basics menu with the mobile app will open the same fields displayed when selecting the Basics subtab under the Client record on your desktop. Selecting the phone number hyperlinked on the record will allow you to dial this number from your mobile device directly. Additionally, selecting the email hyperlink will allow you to send an email directly to the client while on the go.


  4. Swiping up on the Recent Activity bar at the bottom of the entity record will display upcoming and overdue Task records and recent Event records related to the entity. Touch the Recent Activity header and swipe down on your mobile device's screen to close this section.



Users can access task records within the mobile experience by searching for the specific task record, viewing tasks under the Recent Activity section on an entity record or selecting the Tasks button at the bottom of the app screen. 



When the Tasks button is selected, your mobile screen will display a list view of your tasks. These are tasks that are currently owned by the logged-in user and still require completion. 


To change the list view displayed:

  1. Select the list view header under the action bar at the top of the app screen.


  2. This will display a drop-down menu containing all available task list views. Select the name of the list view that you would like to change the view to, and this will automatically change the view and close the list view drop-down menu.



Within the Task list view, tasks can be marked as completed by selecting the checkbox located on the left-hand side of the task name. Tasks related to processes should not be completed by selecting the checkbox to ensure that an outcome has been set for the task and that the process can progress properly. To view task record information, select the task name from the list view. This opens the details related to the task and includes access to any notes or files that have been attached to the task. 


To mark a task as complete:

  1. Within the task record page, select the Mark as Complete button located in the top actions bar of the mobile app. 
  2. This will open a page to enter an outcome, if necessary, and log any time spent on the task if your firm uses time tracking. Enter this information, if required, and select Next.
  3. A success message will display when the task is successfully marked as completed. Select Finish to close this message.


Events within the Practifi mobile experience can be accessed by selecting the Events button at the bottom of the mobile screen. When the Events button is selected, your calendar shows any events assigned to or including you as an attendee. 

An event will be designated on the calendar by a dot displayed under the date. Selecting a date with this dot will display the related event's name, time and location. Touching the event's name from the list below the calendar will navigate to the event's details page. 


The event's details can be viewed by selecting the Basics menu on the mobile page. This menu will display the same fields and information on your Event Basics page in Practifi on your desktop. These details can be edited by selecting the Edit button in the actions bar at the top of the mobile page. To delete an event, select the Delete button located in the actions bar. Please note: Deleting an event within the mobile app will delete the event from your Practifi organization. This means that the event will no longer be viewed by any team member regardless of whether they are on the mobile app or viewing the organization on their desktop.


To view your processes while on the go, select the Menu button located at the bottom of the mobile app page. From the list of menu items, select the Processes option. This will open a list of processes within your Practifi organization that you can view within the app. 

Selecting the process name from this list will open the process details page with process information located under the Basics menu, access to notes and files under the Notes & Files menu and any related posts made on the Chatter Feed under the Feed menu. Process details can be edited on this page by selecting the Edit button located in the actions bar at the top of the mobile page. 

Reports and Dashboards

Reports and dashboards are available for viewing while on the go within the Practifi mobile app. For these reports and dashboards to be viewed, they must first be created within your Practifi organization through the desktop webpage. Once made, these reports and dashboards can be accessed by selecting the Menu button at the bottom of the app screen. 

From the menu list, select the Report or Dashboard menu item. This will open a list of reports or dashboards from your Practifi organization available for viewing while on the mobile app.


Selecting the name of the report or dashboard will open the results on your mobile device. Swiping up on the Report Highlights section within a report will give a quick snapshot of information within the report. To have this section minimized, touch the Report Highlights name and swipe down on your mobile device. To view additional report columns while in the report, swipe toward the right on your mobile device and swipe left to return to the previously viewed columns.

Dashboards will display each dashboard component within the mobile app but with a slightly different layout than the desktop version. To view dashboard components, scroll down on your mobile screen. To refresh the dashboard and view up-to-date information while out of the office, select the Refresh button at the top of the dashboard page and select Refresh Now. Dashboard refreshing requires re-running the source reports and could potentially take time before the refresh is complete.


Logging a Call

To log a call while in the mobile app, the following steps should be followed:

  1. Select the Log a Call button located in the actions bar at the top of the app page on the Today or Home page. This button can also be accessed on an Entity record by first selecting the More button in the actions bar and then selecting Log a Call from the additional options.


  2. This will navigate you to a Log a Call page. The following information should be entered by selecting the field on your smartphone's screen:
    1. Details - Type any call details you wish to capture in this field. Talk-to-text can be used if enabled in your mobile device's keyboard settings.
    2. Name - Selecting the Name field will allow you to search for the relevant contact record for this call. Use the search bar at the top of the screen to search for the contact and then select their name from the results to add them to the call.
    3. Related To - When launched from the Client or Prospect record, this information will auto-populate to match the record's name. When using the Log a Call function from Home or Today, this information must be manually captured. First, select the Entities object and then use the search bar to search for the correct record. Select the entity's name from the results. 
  3. Once this information is captured, select Save to finalize this call record.

Creating an Event

To create an event within the Practifi mobile app, the following steps should be followed:

  1. Select the Events button at the bottom of the app screen and select the New button in the upper right-hand corner of the New Event button that displays when you have no scheduled events. 
    • Events can also be created from a Client or Prospect record. To create an event from this context, select the More button in the actions bar and select New Event from the additional options.
  2. Enter the appropriate information regarding your event on the creation screen. Relate the event to a Client or Prospect record, if applicable. If the event creation has been launched from within the Client or Prospect record, this information will auto-populate. 
  3. Once the event's information is entered, select Save to finalize its creation.

Creating a Task

To create a task within the Practifi mobile app, the following steps should be followed:

  1. Select the More button on the Home, Today and Client or Prospect record. From the additional actions menu, select the New Task from the action options. 
    • Please note: If your firm uses task templates and you would like to utilize this option while on the mobile app, select the New Task (from template) option and select the task template from the drop-down menu. Select Next to proceed with task creation and make any necessary adjustments to the information auto-populated by the template.
  2. Enter the following information on the task creation page:
    • Details - Enter the details about the task by selecting this field and then typing on your mobile device. Talk-to-text can be used if enabled in your mobile device's keyboard settings.
    • Name - Select this field to select the contact you would like to relate this task to. This information may auto-populate if task creation was started from a Contact record.
    • Related To - Relate this task record to a Client or Prospect entity record. This information may auto-populate if task creation was started from a Client or Prospect record.
    • Due Date - Set the date this task should be completed. 
    • Task Type - Select the relevant task type if your firm has established these within your organization. This field is accessed by selecting the More button located under Due Date.
    • Assigned To - This will default to the logged-in user. To change the assigned user, select this field, search for the correct team member, and select their name from the results. 
      • Please note: To create tasks for different team members, you will need the correct permission sets assigned to your user profile. You may encounter an error when creating a task error for another user if you do not have permission to perform this function.
    • Status - This will auto-populate to be Not Started. Adjust the status if needed to capture where the task is in its completion process.
  3. Once the information has been entered, select Save to finalize the task creation.

Using the Feed

Creating Feed posts within the Practifi mobile app is available in multiple locations. On the Home and Today pages, the Post icon located in the actions bar will open a Create Post page when selected. You can type out a Feed post mentioning any team members to grab their attention on this page. 

To create a Feed post related to a Client, Prospect or Task record, first navigate to the related record and then select the Post icon in the actions bar. This will then relate the Feed post to this record and keep Feed information organized within your organization. 

In all of these locations, you can mention team members and attach videos or photos. Once your Feed post has everything it needs, and you're ready to send it off to your company or attach it to a Client or Prospect, select the Save button to finalize its creation. 

To access any Feed posts that you are mentioned in, select the Notification Bell in the upper right-hand corner of the app and then select the mention notification from the drop-down menu. Within the Feed post's details, you will be able to like the Feed post and comment back to the original creator. For Feed posts not related to any records, you will need to access these exclusively by the Notification Bell. If the notification is no longer displaying, you will need to access this Feed post by logging into Practifi on your desktop. 

Feed posts related to Client, Prospect or Task records can be accessed by selecting the Feed menu within the record page in the app. Once this option is selected, all Feed posts related to the record will display. 





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