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Many wealth management firms struggle to build effective marketing campaigns that engage their Clients and Prospects. Siloed data prevents marketing teams from retrieving data-driven insights to create compelling campaigns. As a result, wealth management firms struggle to delight current clients and engage a new generation of digital consumers. Practifi Promote provides access to essential data for your Marketing teams to build compelling campaigns and business for your firm. This article outlines the value of Practifi Promote and the functionality available through this add-on product.

The Practifi Promote Add-On

Practifi Promote gives marketers within wealth management firms access to the data they need to build segmented lists, create more meaningful connections and track impact on revenue across the entire customer lifecycle. Practifi Promote includes access to Practifi's Marketing app, giving marketing teams a place to craft and report on data-driven campaigns for your firm. 

Provisioning Practifi Promote

Please note: Practifi Promote is an add-on service and is not included in the base Practifi subscription. For more information about adding this functionality to your organization, please reach out to your CSM.

The Practifi Promote subscription grants users access to the Marketing app and Salesforce's Campaign Object. 
Once Practifi Promote is provisioned and enabled within your organization, users will need the Practifi - Add-Ons - Promote User permission set assigned to their user profile to access the Practifi Promote functionality. Users using a Salesforce Platform license will need to be changed to a Salesforce license and will also need the Marketing User checkbox enabled on their user profile. Changing their license will reset their user permissions and they will need permissions reassigned. 

The Marketing App

Practifi Promote includes access to Practifi's Marketing app, giving marketing teams a space to track data around campaigns and revenue generated. When users are assigned the Practifi - Add-Ons = Promote User permission set assignment, they will have access to the Marketing app.

The Home Page on the Marketing app includes a breakdown of revenue per month and pipeline progress. The page also contains metrics on recent client engagement and clients won/lost. Users within the Marketing app will have access to your firm's complete Practifi contact database, client segments, AUM, health savings accounts, financial products, retirement funds, location and more. The app is compatible with marketing automation tools your firm may be using, such as Pardot, Marketing Cloud or Constant Contact. 

For additional information about the Marketing app, please consult our Understanding and Using the Marketing App article.

Using Campaigns 

With access to the Campaign Salesforce object, Campaigns are available to your Practifi Promote users within your organization. Once assigned the Practifi - Add-On - Promote User permission set, the user will have access to the Campaign object, the Marketing app and the ability to create new campaigns within your Practifi organization. Users can leverage data from your firm's campaigns to create successful and meaningful connections with clients.

For additional information on using campaigns within the Marketing app, please consult our Using Campaigns article.

Campaign Revenue Attribution

An essential aspect of the day-to-day work of a marketing team is to quantify the value they're bringing to the firm. This is typically presented as a return on investment in various marketing initiatives. We've introduced revenue attribution to connect the firm's pipeline to the campaigns tracked by its marketers, providing a clear line of sight from the initiative to its outcomes.

For additional information on campaign revenue attribution, please consult our Understanding Campaign Revenue Attribution article.


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