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Practifi releases introduce new functionality and enhancements available to your organization after deployment three times throughout the calendar year. The release notes cover these new functionalities and improvements in detail. They are available for consultation as teams launch the release into their specific organizations to confirm all desired features are available. This article outlines how to use our release notes when learning more about the general release. If you have additional questions regarding the release, please do not hesitate to reach out to your firm's CSM. 

Who Should Use the Release Notes?

Release notes cover the new functionality and enhancements available to your organization from a Practifi Super User or Administrator perspective. Release notes are composed for those users who require an overall understanding of features added, changes and any new considerations to be made. Release notes are available for Practifi Standard Users to view but are not recommended for non-technical users, or users not involved in the direction of your organization.

What's in the Release Notes?

General overviews of functionality are included in the release notes with any considerations that should be considered. Selecting a section header will open a relevant Practifi Success Portal article for additional information on using or understanding the functionality. These articles will also be hyperlinked in both section headers and within paragraphs for selection, to open the article in a new browser tab for additional reading. 

Symbol Meanings

We use emoji symbols throughout Practifi release notes to highlight important details that teams will need to review:

  • ⚠️ indicates there's potential for unintended consequences if teams are not careful when enabling.
  • 🛠️ signifies there are some enablement steps required before clients can make use of this feature.
  • 🔧 indicates some additional enablement steps, but only if your firm has customized specific product areas, such as Lightning pages or page layouts.
  • 📚 proposes further reading to deepen your understanding of the area, such as other articles in the Practifi Success Portal or content from Salesforce's Help & Trailhead portals.
  • 💡 signifies we've got some helpful hints for your team to consider.
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