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Keeping the different team members involved in a workflow informed about what others are doing is of critical importance, but it can be challenging. Adding pinned fields to Active Forms makes the sharing process easier because they appear on every task within a process rather than one specific task. This article explains how to create pinned fields on an Active Form and provides guidance on how best to use pinned fields. For additional information about Active Forms in Practifi, please consult our Configuring Active Forms article.

Understanding Active Form Pinned Fields

Pinned fields within Active Forms make it easier for team members to keep each other informed about what's happening within a process because they carry over from one process task to the next. Practifi Administrators can create a set of pinned fields for the process as a whole, rather than for specific tasks within it. Each task within the process displays those pinned fields at the top of its Active Form under a separate heading.

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Creating Active Form Pinned Fields

Practifi Administrators can create pinned fields from the Process Type record page on the Pinned Active Form Fields tab. This tab is where the Active Form Field Section containing the pinned fields and the pinned fields are created. Optionally, you can fine-tune which tasks contain which pinned fields, as well as other display settings.

To create pinned fields for an Active Form:

  1. From the Settings app, go to the Process Tasks page.
  2. Open the Process Task record where you want to add the pinned fields.
  3. On the Process Task record page, click the Pinned Active Form Fields tab.

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  4. In the Active Form Sections area, click the New button. A new tab opens.

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  5. On the New Active Form Section tab, complete the Label and Order fields, then click Save.

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  6. On the Active Form Section screen, click the caret in the Active Form Fields section and click New to add a field to the section.

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  7. On the New Active Form Field tab, enter the following information:
    • Label - The name of the field
    • Order - The order in which the field appears in the section.
    • Type - Select a type, i.e. Date, Number, Text, etc.
    • Display As - You can choose Editable, Read-Only or Hidden.
    • Prefill This Field - Optionally, you can have the field pre-filled with a static value or data from a record related to the process by selecting With a value from a related record. You will need to specify the path for the field using Salesforce formula syntax. For more information, see Using Prefill Logic for Form Fields above.
    • Help Text - Enter instructional text to assist end users in viewing the Active Form.
  8. Click Save to add the field or Save & New to save your work and add another field.

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When using Active Form pinned fields, please consider the following:

  • Pinned and unpinned fields cannot appear within the same Active Form section. 
  • Each copy of a pinned field reads from the same underlying database. This means that if a user updates the field’s value, the updated value appears in every instance of the pinned field, not just on the task that was updated. This also means that if two users are updating the same field at the same time in different tasks, one value will override the other depending on which is saved most recently. Field values are saved when the user exits the form field. 
  • Pinned fields can be linked to a Task’s actions in the same manner as fields within the Task itself, and behave in the same way.

  • When specifying a prefill field path for a pinned field, if the field is located via the Active Form's lookup fields, then the lookup must also be a pinned field. 
  • When specifying a prefill field for an unpinned field, if the field is located via the Active Form's lookup fields, then the lookup must also be an unpinned field. 
  • When using a Rule Builder to specify criteria that reference Active Form Fields, pinned fields cannot reference values found in unpinned fields, and vice-versa. 
  • Pinned fields appear on every screen of a multi-screen form. 
  • The Active Form Display Criteria object is not compatible with pinned fields, as it has been replaced by the Visibility Rules tab as of the Petit Verdot release.
  • Repeating field sections are not compatible with pinned fields.
  • Pinned fields are not visible in portals.
  • Pinned fields have identical settings to other form fields for controlling behavior such as whether it’s read-only or editable, its position within an Active Form section and visibility rules to determine whether it appears within a particular process.

  • If you want a pinned field's settings to be different on a task-by-task basis, such as having a field be editable the first time it appears but read-only for every other appearance, you can use the Task Availability & Settings related list on the Pinned Field record page to control these settings in a task-specific way.


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