Configuring Pages with Skuid - SPA


**Note: This content is intended for system administrators and is technical in nature**

Practifi's user experience is built using Skuid, a powerful user experience platform that makes it easy to configure and extend Practifi's pages.

You create and edit pages in Practifi using the Skuid page composer, which includes a rich array of components designed to view and edit information exactly as you like.

Get an overall understanding of Skuid's rich set of user experience components an drill into detail on each component as you like.

Understand the basics of Skuid pages and how to create a page to show the detail of a single record.

Learn how to use Skuid models to bring data from Practifi's objects and fields into your pages.

Field Editors
Learn how the field editor component is used to view and edit detail of a single record in a responsive layout.

Understand how tables are used to display lists of records, with mass update, export and filtering features.

Button Sets
Learn how buttons can be configured to execute a sequence of Action Framework events to, for example, save records, navigate to a new page, open a popup or perform an integration.

Visualisation Components
Learn how charting components can be combined into rich dashboards with custom actions and drill-throughs.

Conditional Rendering
Understand how to hide or display information on a page based on conditional rules.

Merge Syntax
Learn how to use merge syntax to combine multiple fields of information with logical conditions and rich formatting control.

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