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Navigating Practifi

Navigation in Practifi is centred around the top nav and the side nav. Each of the main items are represented by consistent and uniform icons to make navigation easy no matter what context you are in. If you're unsure what a particular icon represents, hovering your mouse over it will provide a description. 

When you first log in to Practifi:

In the top nav, the main nav items are My Practice, My View, Analytics, Launcher Menu, Global Search, Notifications and User Menu. 

  • My Practice
  • My View
  • Analytics
  • Launcher
  • Global Search
  • Notifications
  • User Menu (logged in username)

Depending on which context you are in, you will be presented with a side nav consisting of any or all of the following icons: 

  •  At a Glance
  •  Basics
  •  360 View
  •  Team Members
  •  Clients
  •  Relationships
  •  Providers
  •  People
  •  Advice Services
  •  Interactions
  •  Processes
  •  Tasks
  •  Calendar
  •  Feed
  •  Insurance
  •  Assets & Liabilities
  •  Income & Expenses
  •  Goals & Strategy
  •  Instalments
  •  Attached Documents
  •  Key Details

Searching in Practifi

At the heart of Practifi navigation is the search box. It's where you can search for clients, client entities, people, team members, processes, tasks, services, providers and groups. You can also search using key details such as phone numbers, email address, policy numbers or addresses. The search box is usually the quickest way to navigate to a specific record in Practifi.

An alternative to using the search box is to go to a particular context (for example, Clients) using the side nav icons. This will return a list of all of your clients and you can then apply the filters located at the top of the results box to refine the results further. This is useful when you're not looking for a specific record, but rather a group of results that fit a certain criteria. For example, you may wish to find a list of your current clients that are Segment A clients in order to send them a seminar invitation.

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