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The Feed allows you to post commentary in a central place on all aspects of a member or employer (e.g. tasks that relate to a member, or policies that relate to a member). 

This means that updates, tasks and all related client activity can be seen within the context of a specific member or employer makes collaboration much easier between team members. 

The Feed works like a social network in that users can be mentioned by simply typing "@" followed by their name. '@mentioning' a team number is a great way to alert them to an update or notify them that action is required. Users can elect to receive email notifications every time they are mentioned, twice a day, once a day or not at all.  

Replying to a mention is as easy as typing your response in the text box. You will also receive an email alert if you are mentioned and replying to this email will automatically submit it as a feed reply.  

Commentary in the Feed rolls up hierarchically. For example, when commentary on a task that relates to a client is made, this becomes a part of the client's feed. This allows commentary to be very specific in its target but still easily accessible with a single view on the client record. 

The Feed is available in the following places within Practifi:

  • Member
  • Member Account
  • Employer
  • Service
  • Policy
  • Processes
  • Tasks

Note: Feed commentary can relate to one or more of the above and in this case, would be visible in each. For example, if a policy has a relationship to a service and a client, feed commentary on the policy would be available on the client, the service and the policy.



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