Adding Policies & Benefits - SPA


Where a member opts for group insurance, they will receive the default cover as specified in the sub-fund. 

Where a member has individually underwritten insurance, you can record details of the policies, benefits and premiums. 

To add a policy and/or related benefits:

  1. Navigate to the member account record that you wish to add insurance details for.
  2. Click the Insurance  icon in the vertical nav. 
  3. Click the  icon to add insurance details.
  4. Select whether to record an individually underwritten policy or default cover (fixed units or amount) from the Insurance Option picklist.
  5. For an individually underwritten policy, click the  icon to complete details of the policy, policy owners and related benefits in their respective sub-tabs (required fields will appear in red).
  6. For default cover, the available cover types will appear by default. Complete the fields (required fields will appear in red). Alternatively, you can select to individually underwrite cover. 
  7. Click Save.
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