Editing a Service - SPA


Once you have created a service, you'll need to manage it through its lifecycle.

To edit a service:

  1. Using the search box in the top nav bar, find the record (employer, member or member account) for which you want to edit a service. 
  2. Click the customer's name or account from the results.
  3. Click the  icon in the side nav bar to get to the Services tab.  
  4. From the list of services for the client, click the  icon next to the service you want to edit. The Edit Service popup will appear. Note: if you know the service name, you can search directly for it in Step 1 above (it will be represented by a  icon). 
  5. Edit the details for the service (required fields appear in red).
  6. Click Save. Or if you want to immediately start a process for the service, click Save & Start a Process.
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