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Practifi's Create a Member Account wizard allows you to easily create new Member Accounts in a standardised format to make data entry easy and more accurate for your staff. You can also link the Member Account details with a Sub-fund and / or Employer record (if known and already created in Practifi).

To create a member account using the Create a Member Account wizard:

  1. Go to the Launcher menu  in the top nav bar and select Create a Member Account. 
  2. Complete the Basic Details for your member in Step 1 of the wizard and click Next. If you omit any required fields, they will appear in red. This will create the member person record.  Additional (non-mandatory) member information can be entered in the second column.
  3. Complete the Member Account details in Step 2 of the wizard.  This includes type of Member Account, Stage, and Owner.  Practifi creates a name for the Member Account, but you can change this.  More detailed Member Account information (if known) can also be captured in the second column. For example, an existing Sub-fund and / or Employer can also be linked to the Member Account.
  4. Once complete, click Save & Finish. Practifi will create your new Member and Member Account record.

Note: You cancel out of the Create a Member Account wizard at any point by simply clicking Cancel & Finish.

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