Creating a Subfund - SPA


To create a subfund in Practifi:

  1. Go to the subfund view from the left hand navigation  
  2. Click the  to add a new subfund record.  
  3. Complete the Basic Details for your subfund and click Next. Mandatory fields are highlighted, if you omit any required fields, they will appear in red. 
  4. Once complete, click Save & Go to subfund. Practifi will create your new subfund record and take you to the Basics page for the subfund.
  5. Enter any other information by clicking the   icon. You can also navigate to the "Contributing Employers" tab and enter any information by clicking on the  icon and updating the applicable fields. Once your updates have been made, click Save.

Note: You cancel out of the create a subfund process at any point by simply clicking Cancel.

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