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Influencers are a different way of looking at your referrers and sources to better understand the relationship between parties and how involved they are in your business.

Essentially, Influencers are an extension of your referrer list where you can indicate certain individuals who are influential in the sourcing of new clients. You can also draw analytics from your Influencer list to easily see the relationships between important parties.

Here is a quick run through of how to set things up.

Adding a Referrer

Referrers can be added in a number of ways such as:

  1. Via the Create a Client wizard
    1. Go to the Launcher menu in the top nav bar and select Create a Client. 
    2. Complete the Basic Details for your Primary Contact in Step 1 of the wizard and click Next.
    3. Complete the details of the Household in Step 2 of the wizard.
      When you select a Source of Referral you also need to select a Referral Type where you can link an existing person or add a new person.
    4. Completing the remainder of the wizard will create both the Client as well as a Relationship between the Referrer and the Client.
  2. Via Relationships from within a Client record 
    1. From a Client record select Relationships from the left-hand side navigation.
    2. Click Add to add a new relationship.
    3. From the Relationship Type dropdown select ‘the Referrer of’. The ‘To’ side of the relationship should pre-populate with the Client name.
    4. Click in the ‘From’ selection box and enter part of the referrer’s name. This will trigger a search across matching records. Note: while other entity types can be entered as a referrer, only people records can be marked as an Influencer.
    5. Optionally you can enter Effective Dates or a Description. When complete, select Save.

The Referrers List

You can view a list of referrers from the left-hand side navigation at either Division or Team Member level. Where the Referrer is also an Influencer, their Influencer Segment will also be displayed.

The Division level list displays all referrers where the referrer (person) owner is a member of that division.

The Team Member list displays all referrers where that team member is the owner of that person record.

Marking a Referrer as an Influencer

You can mark a Referrer as being an Influencer from the Referrer’s Person Basics page by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Referrer’s record. For example from a Global Search or via the hyperlink on the Referrers list page.
  2. Click Edit and tick the ‘Influencer?’ checkbox.
  3. Select a segment from the Influence Segment dropdown to nominate the class of Influencer.
  4. Select Save.

The Influence List

Where a person is an Influencer, the Influence list will be available in the left-hand navigation of a person record.

The Influence list displays all clients that have been referred by that person, either directly (by the referrer themselves) or indirectly (by a person in a household that was referred).

The Distance column shows how far the referred client is from the Influencer. Up to 5 levels of referral distance can be recorded. For example:

  • Harry is an Influencer and referred Sally’s household.
  • Sally is a contact of Sally’s household and referred Charlie’s household.
  • From Harry’s Influence list we can see:
    • Sally’s household was a Direct referral
    • Charlie’s household was an Indirect (L2) referral

The AUM (Assets Under Management) of each client referred is also displayed.

Influencer Analytics

There are two default Analytic charts, AUM by Influencer (Top 20) and AUM by Influencer Segment.

AUM by Influencer (Top 20) doughnut chart displays the Top 20 Influencers by AUM of their direct client referrals. Clicking through the chart will display the clients directly referred by that Influencer.

AUM by Influencer Segment chart displays the total AUM of clients referred by Influencers with each Influencer Segment.

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