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Notes are a way to capture discussions you have had with your clients in Practifi. Add your meeting notes to an Individual, Household or Organization client or prospect to access them and keep all relevant information in one central location. 

Adding Notes

To add a note to a client or prospect, navigate to their record page. On the side panel, you will see a Notes & Files collapsable menu (1). This is where notes related to the Individual, Household or Organization will display once expanded.


Clicking on the caret button beside Notes (2) will display a New option. Selecting New opens a pop-up in the lower right-hand corner of the screen to fill in the note's information.


The following fields are available when composing a note:                 

  1. The note title is entered in this space. Ideally, this is something concise to give users at your firm a brief idea of the note's contents, for example, "Service review meeting: 5/26". 
  2. Text formatting options are available to bold, italicize, underline, and strikethrough text. Formatting options for paragraphs are available as well, giving the option to have numbered or bulleted lists and indented text. Attaching images to the notes is available through the picture button. 
  3. The note body is where all of the details of the note will live. Input as much or as little information as you need. Use this space to keep track of anything needing to be documented for your firm.
  4. The Related to section displays the record the note is attached to. This will default to the record name you are creating the note within but can be modified to include other records. 
  5. Delete the note with this button, canceling the creation of a new note.
  6. Share the note with your firm on the Feed using this button, keeping everyone updated with any essential information. 
  7. The Add to Records option opens a pop-up that allows the modification of the Related To records. Change the record that the note is attached to or add another record in addition to the default. 
  8. The Done button finishes the creation of the note and attaches it to the records specified. The information is now captured within your Practifi instance.

Viewing Notes

To access notes, click on the previously mentioned Notes & Files dropdown on the side panel.


Expanding the Notes & Files dropdown will show the most recent note in the space above the View All button. Clicking on View All opens a separate table page of all the notes attached to the household, individual or organization you are viewing. Note the navigation sidebar displays as grey instead of blue to signal that these notes are nested within the main record. 


On the list page, the following features are available for accessing and editing already generated notes:

  1. The note title displays in this column on the note table. Clicking on the title opens a pop-up in the lower right-hand corner of the screen with the note's information. 
  2. Click this caret to delete a note, for instance, if a note was made in error or needs to be removed from the record if the note was attached to the wrong record. 
  3. Create a new note from this button on the note page view. This will open the same pop-up in the lower right-hand corner mentioned in making the note. 
  4. Refresh the note list using this button to ensure that all new notes are pulled forward into this list. 
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