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Users receive notifications in Practifi from key events that occur in the day-to-day operation of your firm. These notifications are received through either the Notification Bell within Practifi or through a notification sent to the user's email. This article outlines the different types of notifications available within Practifi.

What Is the Notification Bell?

The Notification Bell located in the upper right-hand corner of Practifi displays any notifications that are relevant to your user profile. For example, a new task that has been assigned to you or when your teammate mentions you in a Feed post. Once this event has occurred, the Notification Bell will display a red circle with the number of unread notifications requiring your attention.

Selecting the Notification Bell opens a list of all notifications, regardless of their read status, giving a clear picture of the activity going on within your firm. 

Selecting notifications within this list will open the relevant record, whether that record is a task or Feed post. Once the notification has been selected, it will be marked as read within the system. When a notification is read, it will no longer be counted as part of the number displayed with the red circle on the bell. When all notifications are marked as read, the red circle will completely disappear.  To mark multiple notifications as read without selecting each notification, select the Mark all as read button located in the notification header. 

Feed Notifications

You will receive a notification when your user has been @mentioned within a Feed post or a group you are a member of has been @mentioned in a Feed post.

Please note: For those who have questions about how to @mention other teams or team members, we recommend reviewing the @mention guide from Salesforce.

You will also receive a notification for any additional comments on a post you have commented, bookmarked or liked. These notifications will display within the Notification Bell by default, and you can also receive a notification to your email. 

Notification Bell

Feed notifications within the Notification Bell will display with the user who created the post and the message entered in either the Feed message or the additional comment on the post. 

Each Feed post or comment will have its own notification within the Notification Bell. Selecting the Feed notification will open the Feed post to comment or like on the post. 

For additional information regarding Feed functionality, please consult our Using the Feed article. 

Email Notifications

By default, you will receive email notifications for activity within your Feed. These notifications will come through when someone follows you, mentions you in a post or comments on a post that you have interacted with or created. Email notifications will not be sent when @mentioning yourself in a post or to yourself if you @mention a group you are a member of. These emails will also not be sent for subsequent comments on a post you were @mentioned but did not comment on.

Individual users can change Feed email notifications settings by first selecting the user icon in the upper right-hand corner of Practifi and then selecting Settings.

Once within your personal settings, select Email Notifications from the Chatter section located within the left-hand menu item list.Screen_Shot_2021-08-11_at_4.31.35_PM.png

This page will display a list of checkboxes for different scenarios in which the system will send a Feed email. Deselect any options you would not like to receive and then select the Save button to finalize this change. If you would like to disable all Feed emails, deselect the Receive Emails checkbox under General on this page before selecting Save. 

Task Notifications

Like Feed notifications, task events are reflected in both the user's Notification Bell and email notifications. 

Notification Bell

When tasks are assigned to your user profile, you will receive a notification in the Notification Bell. These notifications will only occur when you or a group you are a part of has been assigned a task by another user. You will not receive a notification when creating a task assigned to yourself within Practifi.


Task notifications will display the name of the user that has assigned the task to you and the name of the task. Selecting this notification will open the task where you will view task details, mark them as complete and fulfill any Deliverables if used within your firm. 

Email Notifications

Practifi also supports task assignment email notification functionality. This functionality is not enabled within your organization by default but can be enabled upon request by a System Administrator user within your organization. Task assignment emails will be sent upon assignment of a task by another user or when a task is assigned to a group that the user is a part of. You will not receive a task assignment email notification when creating a task assigned to yourself within Practifi. The system will not send task assignment email notifications if the task's status is marked as Complete upon task assignment.

The task assignment email sent to users contains information related to the task. The email also contains a hyperlink to the task that, when selected, will open the task within Practifi.

Please note: For a user to receive a task assignment email notification, in addition to this setting being enabled in your organization the user must also have the Email me when someone assigns me a task checkbox selected. This checkbox is selected by default. If you are not receiving notifications, please ensure that this checkbox is enabled under your login by completing the following steps:

  1. Select your user icon in the upper right-hand corner of Practifi.
  2. Select Settings from this pop-up.
  3. Use the Quick Find search bar to search for "Activity." 
  4. Select Activity Reminders from the search results.
  5. Ensure that the checkbox beside Email me when someone assigns me a task is checked. If it is not, check this box and then select Save to enable this option.

Other Notifications

The Notification Bell will display a notification upon the completion of a Deep Deletion within your organization. This notification will either display a success message or alert you to an error in the deletion job. 


Selecting the notification will open the batch deletion information page, displaying information about the deletion job and its deletion status. If any errors have occurred during the Deep Delete process, this page will display this information for troubleshooting the root cause.

Please note: This functionality may not be available depending on your user's permission access within your organization. If you do not have permission to use Deep Delete, you will not encounter this notification.


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