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The Actions menu located on the record side panel is used to update the entity being viewed, whether this Key Entity is a Household, Organization or Individual record. From the drop-down options available in the Actions menu users can modify and transform the Key Entity record. These options can vary depending on the type of entity being updated. This article outlines the Actions menu location on a Key Entity record and the options available from the Actions menu. 

The Actions Menu

The Actions menu appears in the record's side panel as an orange button to the right of the Key Entity's name. Selecting the Actions menu button will open a list of available actions on your Household or Organization record. 


The options available for both Households, Organizations and Individuals are broadly the same, with naming differences and changes in availability.

The action options displayed will also vary depending upon if the Key Entity is a Prospect or a Client record within your organization.




Available Actions

The options available in the Actions menu will vary depending on the type of entity. Some options are common and available on all types of entities while others are specific to the type of entity. The following table is a summary of the purpose of each action available from the Actions menu.

Action Purpose
Promote to Prospect Update the Entity (Household or Organization) to the Prospect status
Change Stage Update the Entity to a new Stage in its lifecycle (Prospect, Lost Prospect, Client, Lost Client)
View Tear Sheet Generate and display the Tear Sheet summary, which can be printed as a takeaway
Add Influencer Segment Update the Influencer category of the Entity (Household or Organization) to one of Standard, Important, or Critical.  
Add Household Member Add a Member (which may or may not already be in Practifi) to the Household entity
Add Organization Member Add another Entity already in Practifi to the Organization entity
Mark as Lost Prospect Update the Stage status of the Entity to Lost Prospect
Promote to Client Update the Entity (Household or Organization) to the Client status
Mark as Lost Client Update the Stage status of the Entity to Lost Client


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