Creating an Asset



Practifi can record a list of assets and liabilities for a Client on their Household, Organization or Individual record. Users can add assets manually to the Client record to capture this information. However, if assets are managed in an external Portfolio Management System, like Addepar, Black Diamond, Orion, Tamarac or other systems, the list will be synchronized from those systems by way of integration. This article outlines how to create an asset within your Practifi organization manually.


The list of assets and liabilities appears under the Financials section within the Assets subtab on the Client record.  


Assets supplied from an external system, typically from a Portfolio Management System, will appear as rows on the Assets table. The process to add assets manually is started by clicking the New Asset button on the top right.


A range of fields are presented, some of which are relevant only for particular asset types.  Complete the appropriate fields for the asset, particularly the Name, Category, Under Advice, As At, and Current Value fields. Once this information is entered, select Save to finalize the completion process.  


A success message will appear.  Click the X on the right side to close the message.


On refreshing the list of assets, the new asset will appear.


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