Understanding AUM and Revenue Calculation



Practifi displays data points for revenue and assets under management (AUM) in various places on Key Entity records. To calculate these totals, Practifi uses Lookup Rollup Summaries to sum up data from a set of related detail records.

This article outlines the AUM and revenue data points displayed in Practifi and explains how they are calculated.

Client AUM

The AUM total that appears at the top of a Client record is calculated using a Lookup Rollup Summary on the Service object. When a client has multiple services, the rollup will sum those values.

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At the service level, AUM can be manually entered from the Deal record, or this can be derived from the assets marked as Under Advice. These assets are associated with the Service Type, which can marked as Asset-based by System Administrators in the Settings app. The service AUM is the summation of all assets that are currently under advice.

Potential AUM

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Potential AUM on a Client or Prospect record is calculated using a Lookup Rollup Summary on the Deal object. The system looks for all open deals and sums their values.

Client Annual Revenue

The Lookup Rollup Summary looks for active services with an Annual Revenue value and a value in the Client field. For Service records to have annual revenue, they can either be entered manually, or a fee structure can be established in the Service Type by a System Administrator within the Settings app.

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There are other options for calculating annual revenue, such as through an integration source. For more information, please see Calculation Options for Annual Revenue.

Potential Annual Revenue

Like Potential AUM, Potential Revenue is calculated from open deals. The Lookup Rollup Summary sums the revenues from open deals associated with a Client or Prospect record. Potential Annual Revenue is displayed in the Key Measures section of the Basics tab.

Revenue Last Year (Rolling)

The Revenue Last Year (Rolling) data point is calculated directly from the assets, which are marked as Under Advice. The Lookup Rollup Summary sums the value of the previous year's revenues from all assets in the Entity that are marked as Under Advice.

Referred AUM

The Referred AUM field in the Key Measures section of an Entity record shows the sum of the AUM of all clients that were referred by that Entity. In other words, there is a Referrer relationship from the Entity record to the Client records whose AUM is summed in the Referred AUM field.

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Referred AUM is also displayed on the Influence page.

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Lookup Rollup Summaries

Practifi System Administrators can view Lookup Rollup Summaries in the Settings app. The following table summarizes the Lookup Rollup Summaries referenced in this article:

Lookup Rollup Summary Name Parent Object Child Object
AUM to Service practifi__Service__c practifi__Asset_Liability__c
AUM to Client Account practifi__Service__c
Potential AUM Account practifi__Deal__c
Annual Revenue to Client Account practifi__Service__c
Potential Annual Revenue to Entity Account practifi__Deal__c
Revenue Last Year (Rolling) (Account) Account practifi__Asset_Liability__c
Referred AUM to Account Account practifi__Relationship__c
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