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Physical mail is still a critical channel for client communications — particularly when it comes to personalization of service — but creating mailing labels with up-to-date addresses and suitably personalized mailing names can be a significant time investment.

The preformatted Mailing Label fields in Practifi solve this problem by allowing a firm complete control over mailing label formatting and the ability to configure label settings on a record-by-record basis. Once records are set up, use Mailing Lists from the Directory page to quickly generate a CSV file for use with mail merge tools such as Microsoft Word.

While users can edit Mailing Label settings on a record-by-record basis, Practifi Administrators can define default display settings for Mailing Labels across the firm. This article outlines adjusting Mailing Label settings within your organization. 

Adjusting Mailing Label Settings

Mailing Label settings for the firm can be adjusted by System Administrator within Salesforce Setup. To edit your organization's Mailing Label Settings, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the Salesforce Setup page by clicking the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page (represented by Settings_Cog.png) and select Setup.
  2. Use the Quick Find on the left-hand side to search “Custom Settings” and select the Custom Settings option within the Custom Code menu. The Custom Settings page opens.

  3. On the Custom Settings list, select Manage beside Mailing Label Settings.

  4. Within the Mailing Label Settings page, select the New button at the top of the page.

  5. On the Mailing Label Settings Edit, note the following options:
    • Display Employer & Title Default determines whether this field is checked by default when creating new Individuals & Contacts.
    • Default Mailing Name for Households provides the option to replace the default preformatted string for households with the output of a custom formula field taken from the Entity record itself.
    • Display Country Default determines whether this field is checked by default when creating new Households, Organizations, Individuals & Contacts.
  6. Make the adjustments to the fields to change your firm's Mailing Label defaults. Select Save once all changes are made to finalize these adjustments within your organization. 


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